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How much are foster parents paid?


How much are foster parents paid?

If you are considering providing foster care in Wisconsin you will want to understand how foster parent payments are calculated in Wisconsin and how the monthly payment is going to impact your household budget while caring for foster children. It can be a difficult question to ask because nobody wants to be perceived as wanting […]

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5 Reasons to Consider Wisconsin Foster Care

Wisconsin foster care agencies are desperate for new homes. Private foster agencies like Community Care Resources and county agencies across Wisconsin are heavily recruiting new homes. If you are considering becoming a foster parent in Wisconsin, we would love to speak with you. As a statewide Wisconsin foster agency, we license homes and place foster […]

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The Type of Foster Care Wisconsin Needs Most

The number of children in foster care Wisconsin is staggering. As of this writing, over 7,400 kids are in out of home care. More and more children are entering the foster system with significant trauma which requires parents to meet more stringent requirements to care for the kids appropriately. Treatment foster care addresses the underlying […]

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Can I be a Single Foster Parent?

Wisconsin foster care agencies are desperate for new homes. Social media platforms, news headlines, and blogs like this one are encouraging everyone to consider becoming a foster parent. Over 7,000 kids are in Wisconsin foster care and roughly 10% of them are in treatment level foster homes. The shortage of available homes is at a […]

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Why Getting a Foster Care License Takes So Long

Why does it take so long to get a foster care license? The time it takes to become a foster parent in Wisconsin can vary based on the foster agency you license with. Typically, getting a Wisconsin foster care license can take anywhere from three to nine months. Getting a license depends on how quickly you complete […]

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County Foster Care or Private Foster Agency - You Choose

Do you want to become a foster parent in Wisconsin? You have choices beyond your county agency. Although our goals are similar; place children in a safe, loving, temporary environment until a permanency plan is achieved, there are many differences between county foster care and a private foster agency. Choosing the right agency for you […]

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Top 5 Things Foster Parents Need

Making the decision to become a foster parent can take a long time. Perhaps you have known your entire life that you would foster someday but have been waiting for the right time. Maybe your heart is telling you one thing and your mind another. Our Top 5 list will provide you with information to help […]

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Wisconsin Foster Parents Needed, Why the Media Can't Help

OMG! She is adorable! Is she yours? Where did you get her? Was she abused?  Are you a foster parent? CCR Wisconsin Foster Care parents have many examples of the questions and comments they get about their foster kids. Most are pretty funny while some border on rude. If you happen to be a foster parent, […]

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Afraid to be a Foster Parent

Most of us want to help, volunteer or make a difference. Many of us have a desire to help children, the homeless or the less fortunate. Some of us have a strong need to give back. Few of us will ever explore becoming a foster parent! Why don't we want to explore foster parenting? Fear of the […]

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Standing ovation for 3 of our foster families caring for 5 foster kids each❣️
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Woohoo! New foster parent training is happening today! The plexiglass shield is working great! Keeping our new foster families and staff safe and distanced is important to everyone.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming training, we got you (and us) covered. 😷

We would love to speak with you to explain the difference between a county agency and CCR, qualifying, the process, classes, kids, support... everything you need to know right over the phone.

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Watch this inspiring video with sound on so you can hear this foster mom's passion!

Shortly after getting her foster care license, this retired veteran welcomed an 8-year-old boy into her home who had experienced significant tragedy in his young life. They had a powerful exchange that may very well move your heart to consider fostering.

CCR needs foster parents in every county across Wisconsin. No matter where you live, what you do, who you are with, how much you make, or why your heart keeps telling you to explore... We would love to speak with you.

If you have some flexibility in your day to day schedule to be there for kids, attend appointments, work around school schedules, and provide consistent stability, please contact us.

* The two have been together for over a year. Healing is happening, love has grown, and there is so much hope for a little guy who went through so much at such an early age.

Thank you not only to this amazing foster mom, but all of our CCR foster parents who selflessly give to kids every single day.
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Sent a single woman in Green Lake County an application yesterday. She returned it already! So excited for her to become a foster mom! ... See MoreSee Less

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