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Every one of my kids has made me who I am today and for that I thank them!

About CCR

The type of foster care Wisconsin children need is here at Community Care Resources.

If we don’t do it, who will

Why Foster Parents Choose CCR

For over 30 years, county foster care agencies from all corners of Wisconsin have been referring foster children to CCR, a place where healing begins for kids with significant trauma. The children we place have suffered significant abuse and/or neglect and makeup nearly 20% of the Wisconsin foster system. Trauma-Informed Care and exceptional support services are what set us apart from other private foster care agencies.

As the second-largest private foster agency in Wisconsin, our foster parents reside in 35 counties and care for nearly 115 children. All of our foster parents participate in the children's individualized treatment plan and receive weekly in-home support to assist them in caring for children placed in their home. We provide continued education, training, licensing and support to each of our treatment foster parents. Support is why so many foster parents choose us and why seasoned foster parents transfer to us.

You will not find a revolving door of employees at CCR. Each member of our management team has been dedicated to CCR for the majority of his or her career, most for over 20 years. Our Clinical Case Managers are dedicated to their foster parents, in the field, averaging 15 years of employment with us. In addition, we have many foster families that have been part of our family for over 15 years and on average our foster parents welcome kids into their homes for 6.7 years before retiring. The staff at Community Care Resources is humbled and grateful to have amazing foster parents from around the state of Wisconsin on this journey with us to serve children with significant trauma.

Providing Specialized Treatment Programs for Foster Children

  • In 1993, CCR added an Outpatient Mental Health Certification to further our goal of being a treatment-focused foster care agency which promotes a therapeutic model.
  • Our partner agency is Community Care Programs. CCP provides specialized treatment programs such as our Sexual Abuse Treatment/Offender Program, Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Family Reunification Therapy (transitioning kids from out of home care back to birth homes or to adoptive homes)
  • Our Specialized Group Care model was designed in 2001. The model combines the best of Treatment Foster Care and Treatment Group Care in a three or four-bed community-based model.

On-site Child Clinical Psychologist

Who we are

  • CCR offers on-site Psychological Services by a licensed Child Clinical Psychologist.
  • Professional training is offered by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Both Preplacement, orientation and ongoing training are presented by in-house staff.
  • CCR implemented an agency-wide trauma-informed practice with all youth in care in 2009. Every youth who is placed in a CCR home receives a trauma-informed assessment within the first 30 days of their placement. All foster parents participate in a child's individualized treatment plan.
  • We are proudly affiliated with Wisconsin Association of Family & Children’s Agency known a WAFCA.

Foster Parent Training Requirements exceed state standards

  • Our Foster Parent Training team is dedicated to ensuring each foster parent receives the required and specialized training they need. With a focus on Trauma-Informed Care, our parents are prepared with the tools and knowledge they need to care for children at the treatment level.
  • Quarterly continuing education classes are held in 6 counties throughout the state. Foster parents attend to learn from each other, share with one another and feel appreciated as a part of a dedicated team of professionals.

Foster Parent Questions & Answers

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New Foster Parent Trainings

Throughout Wisconsin

Parent Training

all-day Foster Parent Training Class
Foster Parent Training Class
Sep 27 – Sep 28 all-day
Ready to become a foster parent? We would love to speak with you. Begin the application process today and attend our upcoming fall training session.
all-day Foster Parent Training Class
Foster Parent Training Class
Oct 14 – Oct 15 all-day
We are so happy you are interested in foster parent training. We would love to speak with you about the details and answer your questions. Call Jane today 608-203-1318

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