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Welcome to Community Care Resources, a statewide Wisconsin foster care agency with foster parents in 35 Wisconsin counties. Since 1989, our staff has supported hundreds of foster parents and thousands of foster children and families. Our goal is to provide children with a stable, loving home and to help them heal from trauma due to neglect and/or abuse. 

Foster parents are ordinary people who do extraordinary things in the lives of children. CCR foster parents use learned trauma-informed care principles to help children heal from trauma. Children typically stay in a CCR foster home for 12-24 months. Many kids will reunify with family, while a small percentage may be adopted by their foster parents. We are in desperate need of foster parents with flexible day-to-day schedules willing to care for older children and sibling groups. 

Community Care Resources offers treatment-level foster care. We rely on foster parents who have flexibility in their day-to-day schedules to meet the many needs of foster children with heightened behaviors and emotions. Together, we help kids heal!   

School-age children, siblings, and teens are being cared for by loving CCR foster parents across Wisconsin. Our treatment-level foster care program provides additional support and therapy services to all children in care. Foster parents are part of a professional team, working side by side with Clinical Case Managers to meet each child's goals. Everyone from anywhere in Wisconsin is welcome to explore how to become a foster parent with us.

Interested in learning more? We would love to speak with you and share how we are different from other Wisconsin foster agencies. Contact us anytime!

The Wisconsin foster care system is in crisis, and CCR needs families to care for children ages 5-18 and sibling groups. More foster parents are needed to help the nearly 7,600 kids in Wisconsin foster care.

Clinical Case Managers provide weekly in-home visits to support both parents and kids. Open communication about medical updates, biological family relations, and emotional wellness is crucial to the success of all children. Whether celebrating milestones, creating discipline strategies, or preparing to reunite children with their biological parents, CCR staff members go above and beyond state standards to support foster parents and children. 

CCR foster parents provide a safe and stable home for children who have entered the foster care system by no choice of their own. There may be a dozen reasons to say no, or not yet, but exploring this website is a great first step to understanding how it all works. We are available by phone 5 days a week to help you explore.  

We would love to speak with you and help you begin your fostering journey. 

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