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Wisconsin Teen Told He Should Never Have Been Adopted

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Wisconsin Teen Told He Should Never Have Been Adopted

A Wisconsin teen is in search of a new foster family. Mitchell is 13 and in foster care again. He needs a foster home as soon as possible, where he can get back on track with the consistency/predictability of programming while knowing he is safe and wanted. Would you have considered helping Mitchell if you […]

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New Foster Parents Found for Sibling Group

So many foster parents in counties across Wisconsin are caring for sibling groups. More than 70% of foster children at CCR are in care with at least one sibling. We recently received a referral for a sibling group of three. After spending four weeks in a county foster home, their foster parents gave notice for […]

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Wisconsin Foster Parent Learns About Trauma from 5-year-old

I wanted to become a foster parent for as long as I can remember. My dream was to foster a younger child under the age of ten. I am a single foster parent with no children of my own, so I safely assumed fostering would come with many challenges. I didn't realize how important it […]

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Wisconsin Foster Parents Celebrate with Trans Youth

Wisconsin foster parents witness amazing transformations with their kids. Foster youth can enter the home one way, do a 180 and leave a completely different way. Not always, but quite often. So much can happen for youth if placed in the right foster home with the right foster parents. Confidence builds. Grades go up. Friends […]

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Kids in Foster Care Trying to Survive Trauma

Children are in Wisconsin foster care for a wide variety of reasons. Every reason creates or stems from a traumatic experience or series of experiences. We have written many blogs about kids referred to CCR. We share as much information as we can while protecting the child's privacy. Our goal is to help prospective foster […]

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Who Are the Kids in Level 4 Foster Care?

What is treatment level foster care? What are the kids like at a higher level of care? There are many myths surrounding Wisconsin kids in treatment foster care. A higher level ensures that children and youth living in a foster home get additional services to aid in growth and healing. It takes a team of […]

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Foster Parents With Little Kids Have Big Challenges

Becoming a foster parent requires serious consideration of the ages of foster children you wish to help. There is a large misconception that teens are horrible and little ones are adorable. That couldn't be farther from the truth in most cases. In the 31 years we have supported foster families; we see a repeated trend. […]

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A Very Brave Boy in Wisconsin Foster Care

Jamal is a 10-year-old boy in Wisconsin foster care. He has been living with a CCR foster family for about a year. He and his little sister are doing well and developing solid relationships with the foster parents. Jamal was crushed that he did not see his mom over Christmas. He believes his mom is […]

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Teen in Wisconsin Foster Care Struggles to Find a Home

Damian has been in and out of Wisconsin foster care for five years. He is 14 years old. His mother is incarcerated, awaiting sentencing. He has occasional visits with his father. His cousin does not want to care for him any longer. We tried our best to locate a foster family for Damian. Sadly, we […]

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Teen in Foster Care for 15 Years and Counting

Michael has been in Wisconsin foster care since age 18 months. At 16, he hopes to find a permanent placement with foster parents who will care for him until he turns 18. Michael has not had a relationship with his biological mother since he was removed from the home 15 years ago. He has lived with […]

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875 people responded to a poll asking, "If you were a foster parent, what age group would you help"? 0-5, 6-12, 13-18Sadly, for teens, the results were as predicted. 17% said they would foster a teen. In contrast, 67% said they would foster kids under 5. Imagine those percentages flipped; there would be a family for every Wisconsin teen in foster care! ... See MoreSee Less
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More spring break fun!! The growth and healing these kids are experiencing are truly amazing. THANK YOU to all of our foster parents across the state!! 🥰#springbreak #healing #foster #familyfun #fostercare ... See MoreSee Less
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