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Foster Parents Struggle to Meet Needs of Foster Child

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Foster Parents Struggle to Meet Needs of Foster Child

"Anthony" is eight years old and is in foster care in Wisconsin. He has been in 2 foster homes. His mom is incarcerated, and his dad is not active. His older sister visits with him virtually once a week. Anthony's foster care journey is like so many others. Unstable, bouncing from home to home. We […]

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Wisconsin Foster Child Desperate for a Family

Arthur is a 12-year-old who loves school and tacos. He has been in Wisconsin foster care for nearly half his life. He is one of almost 40 children referred to us in the past month from county foster agencies across Wisconsin. We tried unsuccessfully to match Arthur with a CCR foster family that could meet […]

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Teens in Wisconsin Foster Care Feeling Unwanted

Jake is one of hundreds of teen boys in Wisconsin Foster Care. He is ready for discharge from a group home and is anxious to live with a foster family in Northwest Wisconsin. Jake has been through a lot in his 15 years. Despite what might be expected, he does not use past trauma as […]

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Large Sibling Groups Struggle to Find Foster Parents

The number of sibling groups being referred to CCR continues to rise. Young siblings are entering Wisconsin foster care at alarming rates, primarily due to severe neglect. Sibling pairs and large groups are regularly placed in CCR foster homes in counties across Wisconsin. Most CCR foster families care for siblings or more than one child […]

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A Tragic History All Too Common For Teens

The 15-year-old was removed from the family home in late May. Due to prolonged neglect and sexual abuse, she has significant trauma. Like many kids in Wisconsin foster care, Cathy has not experienced many basic activities life offers. She recently went into a grocery store for the first time in her life with her foster […]

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Teen Finds His Passion While in Foster Care

If you are considering being a foster parent, you will love this story! A feel-good account of one young man's journey to find his passion. His foster parents encouraged and supported him to try new things and work hard. Every season was a new adventure. They had yet to learn how hard he would work […]

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Teens in Foster Care are Waiting

Another heartbreaking story of a teen in foster care. Meet Emily, a 13-year-old Wisconsin girl needing a new foster home. Her story is familiar; her trauma is prevalent. Yet, her wish for a loving home continues. More foster parents are needed for teens. Most Wisconsin foster kids ages 11-18 are placed in group homes or […]

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10 Year Old in Wisconsin Foster Care Again

This is Abigail's third time being removed from the home. She has spent much of her life in Wisconsin foster care. She is a sweet 10-year-old with significant trauma. Unfortunately, CCR did not have a foster home in the right location to meet her needs. Thus the referring county continued its search. Following is some […]

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Siblings in Foster Care Hope to Stay Together

One of our greatest needs is to license more Wisconsin foster parents to care for sibling groups. We continue to receive referrals from counties across Wisconsin, and more often than not, we do not have foster homes available in the right location to meet the needs of the children. Fostering siblings requires great flexibility and […]

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Wisconsin Teen Told He Should Never Have Been Adopted

A Wisconsin teen is in search of a new foster family. Mitchell is 13 and in foster care again. He needs a foster home as soon as possible, where he can get back on track with the consistency/predictability of programming while knowing he is safe and wanted. Would you have considered helping Mitchell if you […]

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