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Fostering has been fulfilling, especially when the kids contact us after leaving foster care.

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Private Foster Agency in Wisconsin

How to choose the best foster care agency for your family.

Why Foster Parents Choose Us

Why Foster Parents Choose CCR

Community Care Resources is a statewide Wisconsin foster agency committed to understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of childhood trauma. Our experienced staff works with children and foster families to promote healing. Using trauma-informed care techniques and principles, our foster parents help kids heal and grow in remarkable ways.

CCR foster parents help children heal by providing a structured, stable home environment while making sure any necessary support services are provided. Again, the goal of providing treatment foucused care is healing. Our team trains and supports foster parents throughout their journey to be successful caring for siblings, youth, and teens. For 31 years we have supported hundreds of families to help thousands of kids. We welcome your phone call so we may give you additional details about our agency and how to become a foster parent with us.

Foster parents receive 24/7 support.

Without a doubt, CCR foster parents change lives. Above all, they are part of a larger team working towards the healing and growth of kids in their care. A team approach is vital for foster parents to succeed. Being a foster parent to kids with trauma histories is a challenging job and cannot be done alone. We promise to support you 24/7  and we take great pride in near-immediate response times. In addition, phone calls during business hours are met by a friendly voice, not a prerecorded message. Case Managers are available by phone, email and text and, most importantly, supervisors are available as additional resources to help when needed.

CCR foster parents depend on us and we deliver our promises! If you are exploring foster care be sure you ask the right questions of an agency. All agencies are not the same.

Ask these important foster care questions.

  • Will I get honest information and the history of kids placed in my home?
  • Will I know what a child's level of care is?
  • How often will a caseworker visit my home?
  • Will calls be answered promptly to help me after hours?
  • What type of services will be available to foster children with trauma?
  • Is there employee longevity or a revolving door of case managers?
  • Will I meet the children prior to accepting a placement?
  • What will the foster care agency do for me AFTER children are placed in my home?

This is how we do it!

  • WEEKLY in-home visits - counties generally provide monthly visits
  • 24/7 SUPPORT & Crisis Management - available when we are needed most
  • MASTERS level Clinical Case Managers - a CCR employment requirement
  • TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE TRAINING - continuous throughout your journey
  • MEET THE KIDS prior to accepting a placement
  • PLANNED PLACEMENTS - no more bouncing home to home
  • CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST and on-staff therapists
  • LOW EMPLOYEE TURNOVER - Our Case Manager's average length of employment is 16 years!

Foster parent support goes beyond the Wisconsin minimum requirements.

It's About Reaching a Child's Goals

It's About Reaching a Child's Goals

Our goal: create a positive and rewarding fostering experience for foster families, in turn, families provide a healing environment for children with trauma histories. An abundance of support, beyond state standards is how we ALL succeed! Learn more about the requirements to be a foster parent.

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