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Foster Care Information You Deserve

Are you searching for foster care information? Are you ready to take the first step to become a foster parent but don't know where to begin? No worries, the staff at CCR are ready to help you explore Wisconsin foster care. We understand that websites are often overwhelming and group information sessions can feel impersonal. That is why we do things a little differently than most foster care agencies. We want to spend as much time as we can getting to know you and allowing you to learn about us. Something that hasn't changed since CCR began.

A foster care agency you can trust.

One of the most important things we can do as an agency is proving to you who we are. Should you decide to become a foster parent, you will become part of our larger family and we want you to trust and depend on us. We are an agency of integrity and professionalism. We say what we mean and mean what we say. We value and retain our employees like no other agency in the state and our foster parents continue to serve children for years beyond state norms.

We want to take time with you as you explore how to become a foster parent so you can make the best possible decision for you and your family and hopefully become a wonderful part of ours.

The way in which we communicate about foster care hasn't changed much in 30 years.

Community Care Resources began 30 years ago by a man that tirelessly went from door to door in towns across Wisconsin sharing information about the need for more foster parents with anyone that would listen. He talked his way into many homes, sitting at kitchen tables talking foster care over a cup of coffee. He educated folks about the hundreds of children in foster care that needed more than a loving home. Kids that might only have a chance at a successful future if they were provided services to address their trauma.

The agency started small and slow but has since grown into one of the largest private foster agencies in the state of Wisconsin. While many things have changed over the years, one thing hasn't changed at all. Honest, transparent communication. It is how CCR began and how it has succeeded over the years.

Getting the foster care information you need isn't always easy.

We understand that getting foster care information from some agencies is difficult and frustrating. A phone call goes unanswered, a voicemail is ignored, or the information packet promised never arrives in your mailbox. We also understand that you are ready for the information now, not next week or at an information session next month.

Communication happens in a timely manner at CCR. A staff person will promptly answer your call, respond to an email, or reply to a Facebook message.  Our focus is on you from the moment you first contact us looking for foster care information. Waiting is not in our vernacular.

Although there is an abundance of great information on our website, we realize that you won't find some of the finer details you might require. We recognize that not everyone wants to navigate through page after page to get what they are looking for. That is why we encourage you to call us. Imagine when you call that we are sitting with you, in your home, as Dan did those 30 years ago when he went door to door.

Exploring foster care is personal and unique for everyone.

Imagine a friend, answering your questions, giving you details, and making you feel comfortable from the first hello. We believe that a one on one, honest, phone conversation is the best way to get you the foster care information you're looking for. It is why we rarely offer large group foster care information sessions or foster care orientations. From the very first phone call, the journey of a foster parent is personal. Your family history, dynamics, interests, and concerns are different from anyone else and are often best addressed individually and privately.

Speak with a retired foster mom and get real about fostering kids with trauma.

If you are feeling apprehensive about calling because you want to avoid feeling pressured, judged, or rushed, erase those worries from your mind immediately. You can trust our recruitment adviser to give you the honest information you need in a relaxed, casual manner. If you don't know what to ask or how to begin, that is okay. Our adviser will walk you through it. As a retired foster mom of 20+ kids, she has been where you are. She remembers what it is like to explore foster care and she feels your passion, kindness, and even your inner struggle as you dive deep into your decision to become a foster parent.qualify to be a foster parent.

Get pre-qualified to provide foster care immediately

It is our job to make sure foster care is a good fit for you and you are a good fit for foster care.

If you are interested in gathering information it will also be important to know if you qualify to be a foster parent. Your call will begin with our adviser asking a few questions to get to know some basic things about you such as:

  • What age group are you interested in? Would you consider siblings?
  • Do you work full-time, if so, do you have a flexible schedule?
  • Do you have the bedroom space for foster kids?
  • Are there other children living in your home now?
  • Do you have a support system nearby able to help when necessary?

Now a great conversation can happen! You can feel comfortable asking anything you like about fostering, the process, the kids in our care, support services, and more. Find answers to our most frequently asked foster care questions here.

As we mentioned earlier, we want to provide you with as much time as possible to get the information you are looking for. A phone call may be as short as 20 minutes or depending on how the conversation goes up to 45 minutes. We are in no hurry to hang up. We welcome your questions and will talk you through your concerns.

Your first interaction with a foster agency will be a strong indication of what your journey may be like.

No answer? No response to a voicemail or email? Have you waited weeks for someone to get back to you? If you are responding yes to any of these questions, please be cautious. Imagine trying to contact your agency during an emergency when you have children placed in your home. How will your agency respond when you need them most? How often will they visit you in the home to provide support services?

Here are some ways CCR promises to respond to you:

  • Weekly in-home visits
  • Phones are answered promptly by staff, not a recording
  • 24/7 hotline means you speak with a case manager
  • Case managers respond to texts, emails and phone calls in a timely manner
  • Supervisors get involved before things escalate

 Is what we say about communication true?

Try it. Call us and see if we answer the phone. Call our adviser and discover for yourself how honest and transparent our CCR staff is in providing information. We look forward to your call.


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