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What is Childhood Trauma in Wisconsin Foster Care

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What is Childhood Trauma in Wisconsin Foster Care

Children in Wisconsin foster care have experienced at least one traumatic event. Sadly, many have suffered significant loss and abandonment and neglect and abuse. Although childhood trauma can have serious, lasting effects, there is hope for kids in foster care. Our goal is to help children heal from childhood trauma while in the care of […]

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10 Questions Wisconsin Foster Parents Hear Most

We asked several Wisconsin foster parents to share some of the most frequent comments and/or questions they get about foster care. Foster parents know too well that when you become a foster parent it often means people are curious, observing, and inquisitive. Many of our foster parents hear comments in the presence of their foster […]

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Teacher Sends Foster Parent Honest Email

I wanted to become a foster parent for as long as I can remember. My dream was to foster a younger child. Furthermore, I always heard older foster kids were more difficult to manage. I had a basic understanding of childhood trauma, and I knew fostering would come with challenges. What I didn't realize was how […]

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Why Choose a Private Foster Care Agency

Let us help you explore how to become a foster parent in Wisconsin. When choosing a foster agency, the first thing to know is that it does not matter what county you reside in. The differences between agencies can be subtle at a glance, but when you learn the number one reason that makes CCR […]

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How Old are Kids in Wisconsin Foster Care

Children enter Wisconsin foster care every day and range in age from infancy up to age 18 years. Deciding to become a foster parent means giving great consideration to the ages of children you wish to help. Foster parents can preference foster children by age but, we caution new foster parents not to have a […]

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Can foster children share a bedroom?

Becoming a foster parent requires evaluating all the space in your home, especially bedrooms. Are kids in foster care allowed to share bedrooms? Can biological kids share with foster kids? How many kids can be in one bedroom? The quick answer is YES; kids can share bedrooms. But WAIT, there are many considerations and laws […]

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Wisconsin Foster Care Payments

Qualifying to become a Wisconsin foster parent requires meeting financial requirements. Deciding to begin getting a foster care license begins with learning the facts. There is so much to consider! Schedules and finances are two factors prospective foster parents must consider. Do you have the required time to dedicate to foster kids, and can you […]

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Becoming a Foster Parent in Wisconsin

You made the decision to foster but you don't know how to begin to be a foster parent in Wisconsin so, you make a phone call to an agency, questions in hand. First impressions are often a great way to gauge people and businesses. If your initial communication with a foster agency causes frustration and […]

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Wisconsin Foster Parent Says Goodbye to Boy

Before I became a foster parent I didn't give much thought to saying goodbye to the foster children I would love and care for. Although it is the obvious, inevitable result of being a foster parent, it wasn't something I focused on. Unless you are able to adopt from foster care, which many foster parents […]

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Top 5 Wisconsin Foster Care Qualifiers

Qualifying to become a Wisconsin foster parent is much easier than you may think. There are many myths surrounding foster care that should definitely be ignored. The basic qualifications to provide foster care in Wisconsin are easily met by the vast majority of people that contact us. Basically, if you can offer a healthy home […]

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