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Wisconsin Foster Care Payments

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Wisconsin Foster Care Payments

Qualifying to become a Wisconsin foster parent is pretty simple. Making the decision to begin the process to get a foster care license can be a bit more difficult. There is so much to consider! Schedules and finances are two factors prospective foster parents spend the most time considering. Do you have the time to […]

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Becoming a Foster Parent in Wisconsin

You made the decision to foster but you don't know how to begin to be a foster parent in Wisconsin so, you make a phone call to an agency, questions in hand. First impressions are often a great way to gauge people and businesses. If your initial communication with a foster agency causes frustration and […]

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Wisconsin Foster Parent Says Goodbye to Boy

Before I became a foster parent I didn't give much thought to saying goodbye to the foster children I would love and care for. Although it is the obvious, inevitable result of being a foster parent, it wasn't something I focused on. Unless you are able to adopt from foster care, which many foster parents […]

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Top 5 Wisconsin Foster Care Qualifiers

Qualifying to become a Wisconsin foster parent is much easier than you may think. There are many myths surrounding foster care that should definitely be ignored. The basic qualifications to provide foster care in Wisconsin are easily met by the vast majority of people that contact us. Basically, if you can offer a healthy home […]

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Behind the Essential Workers in Wisconsin Foster Care

To be a foster parent in Wisconsin or a social worker within a foster agency, successful placements and outcomes will only happen with promised support services and strong leadership. Sadly, we hear all too often from frustrated foster parents that these critical components are missing from the agency they selected. We hear repeatedly that communication […]

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Ask This Before You Become a Foster Parent

If you want to become a foster parent in Wisconsin, you must do your research and ask the right questions when choosing a foster agency to work with. Learning everything you can before committing to an agency will prove beneficial in the end when you are caring for foster children in your home. Most people […]

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Become a Foster Parent During COVID19

Yes, you can become a foster parent during times of Covid. Wisconsin foster parents are needed more to begin the process and qualify to become a foster parent. With time on our hands during this COVID stay-at-home order there are many steps that can be completed toward getting a foster care license now. Become a […]

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Wisconsin Foster Care and Coronavirus

COVID19 will undoubtedly have long term effects on Wisconsin foster care. Coronavirus has forced foster parents to restructure their routines in order to maintain healthy, stable environments for foster kids in their care. Though the worst of the COVID19 illness seems to be largely sparing the younger population, many of the nationโ€™s most vulnerable children […]

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Wisconsin Foster Parent Training

If you want to become a foster parent in Wisconsin there are many foster care training hours you must complete. Caring for foster children requires foster parents to have knowledge and understanding of behaviors, emotions, and a variety of needs a child may present. In addition, there are policies, procedures, and a great amount of […]

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Should Wisconsin Foster Parents Be Paid a Salary?

Foster parent payments are a topic at the forefront of Wisconsin foster care and almost every other state and county foster agency in the nation. Foster parents do receive a monthly foster care stipend, but in many instances, it is barely enough to cover the costs of caring for a child. While the overwhelming majority […]

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