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Wisconsin Foster Agency Helping Kids Heal


Wisconsin Foster Agency Helping Kids Heal

Want to become a foster parent in Wisconsin? Great news for you: You can choose between your county foster agency or a private agency. There are significant differences worth exploring before you choose one over the other. The support you and your foster kids receive will determine successful outcomes. Being a foster parent can be […]

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Providing Respite Care for Foster Parents

Being a foster parent often means full calendars and tight schedules, leaving little time for personal breaks and self-care. With our own kids, we can call Grandma or hire a teenage babysitter for the night. With foster kids, getting away for an evening or weekend can be a bit more difficult because the kids require […]

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3 Important Things to Know to Become a Foster Parent

Sifting your way through blogs and websites about foster care can be overwhelming. Chances are you have read your fair share of personal stories and opinions from past and present foster parents. You may have called your county foster agency looking for information and it's a sure bet you have scrolled your evenings away reading […]

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A Wisconsin Foster Agency with Employee Loyalty

Wisconsin foster care and the social workers on the front line know that working in foster care is exhausting, demanding, and emotionally draining on a good day. Social work within a foster agency can also be very rewarding, fulfilling, and inspiring to the men and women who dedicate their lives to children and families. The […]

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Foster Parents Help Kids With a Common Struggle

As a new foster parent, I was confident, I felt like I had an understanding of what to expect when we welcomed foster kids into our home. My husband and I have biological children of our own and we were ready to help foster children. We completed the foster parent training classes and had an […]

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Can Foster Parents Work Full Time?

In today's America, over 60% of households are dual income families. Almost 40% of U.S. workers are women. People are putting off retirement and working longer than ever before. With data like these, how can anyone become a foster parent in Wisconsin if not allowed to work outside the home? Here we will address the […]

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Foster Mom Testimonials - The Truth About Foster Care

Want to know what being a foster parent is really like? Talk to a foster mom. Want to learn about different Wisconsin foster agency options? Talk to a foster mom. Unsure if you will qualify to be a foster parent, talk to a foster mom. Nobody can tell you what fostering is really like unless […]

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How Will Fostering Affect My Kids?

It is a popular question many prospective foster parents ask. If you want to become a foster parent there are many things to consider before beginning the process to get a foster care license. In particular, how will your family handle the challenges, changes, and rewards? We can answer nearly all your foster care questions with […]

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3 Things to Know About Treatment Foster Care

When a child enters the Wisconsin foster care system, they are most often placed in a licensed county foster home unless placed in the home of a relative. If a child is part of a larger sibling group, they may or may not be placed in the same foster home as their siblings. Placement is […]

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Foster Parent Training – Where Diversity is Welcome

Attending foster care training is required and critical to gaining the tools necessary to be a Wisconsin foster parent and care for foster children with significant trauma. Classes are designed to be informative, engaging, and thought-provoking. Attendees come from diverse backgrounds and share with fellow prospective foster parents, participate in group activities, and meet staff […]

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