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How to Become a Foster Parent in Wisconsin

Become a foster parent in your Wisconsin county

Wisconsin foster children need compassionate people like you to become foster parents. We understand taking the first step is a big step. That's why our experienced team is available to guide you through the process to become a foster parent. We need additional homes in over 60 Wisconsin counties to ensure we have safe, loving homes available when kids need them most. 

Steps to become a Wisconsin foster parent

There is no cost to become a Wisconsin foster parent. Most steps are quickly completed online or in your home. Getting a foster care license with CCR takes just 100 days. Phone call to become a foster parent

Foster care application, & background checks

Upon receipt and approval of your initial online paperwork, we will begin background checks and fingerprints. All foster parent applicants in Wisconsin must undergo background checks to help ensure a child’s safety. Information will be requested at the county, state, and federal levels. In addition, backgrounds are checked with Child Protective Services. Most misdemeanors and many felonies will not prevent you from being a foster parent. However, being upfront and transparent about any criminal history or past encounters with law enforcement is always best. 

Foster parent home visits & interviews

Upon favorable background results, a licensing specialist will conduct the first of several home visits. The visits are casual to ensure applicants are comfortable with each step. Applicants are encouraged to be open and transparent throughout the screening process. Remember, we must follow numerous state mandates to license a foster home. Each step has a specific purpose: to prepare you for licensure. In addition, we will guide you through the legal and safety requirements of preparing your home to welcome foster children. 

New foster parent training

Foster Parent Training Prepared Us

Foster Parent Training Prepared Us

All prospective foster parents will complete Wisconsin Foster Parent Training before licensure. These trainings will help you build skills for caring for children who have experienced neglect or abuse and, as a result, may have elevated trauma and emotional or educational difficulties. CCR's New Foster Parent Training exceeds state standards and requirements, emphasizing trauma-informed care. As a result, new foster parents feel prepared and confident to care for children with trauma histories.

A foster parent license is issued.

At this time, your home study will be written, and a license will be issued. You are now ready to welcome children into your family and become part of a child's healing process!  

If you meet the basic CCR foster parent requirements and feel ready to take the first step, please call or complete the Contact Us form below. Our New Foster Parent Advisor has professional and personal foster parenting experience to help you get started. 

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