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I've fostered for multiple counties and can honestly say that there is nothing like having your own caseworker and loads of support we get with CCR.

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How to become a foster parent

A foster care license in 4 months.

We are excited you are exploring how to become a foster parent with us! Our staff is ready to help you learn all you can and get started with the foster care licensing process. If you have reviewed our qualify to be a foster parent page and meet the basic requirements, we would love to speak with you. Our hope is that you find all the important information you need here on our site to make the best decision for you and your family.

5 steps to a foster license. Let's get started!

The CCR licensing process is streamlined to make things as easy and stress-free as possible. Our team prepares all applicants to be confident and ready to care for kids with a variety of trauma backgrounds. Without a doubt, new CCR foster parents feel prepared to accept their first placement and use the trauma-informed care principles they have learned. 

1 - A Phone Call Will Provide the Details You Need

After reading the qualify to be a foster parent page, call or contact us to get started. We answer calls and respond to inquiries quickly. 

Our New Foster Parent Advisor has the professional and personal experience to help you make the best decision for your family. She will provide details on qualifications, levels of care, support services, and much more. The call is casual and we want you to be comfortable asking questions and sharing about your interests.

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2 - Foster Parent Application & Background Checks

Now that you have the answers and details you need, you may be ready for an application. An easy to complete electronic application and questionnaire will be emailed to you. Completing the application typically takes less than 45 minutes. Upon receipt and approval of your application, we will begin background checks, fingerprints, and reference paperwork. 

During Step 2, applicants begin the required online Wisconsin foster parent pre-placement training. The course includes 7 short videos and is a great introduction to being a Wisconsin Foster Parent. The videos are a very nice introduction to fostering in Wisconsin.

3 - New Foster Parent Interviews & Home Visits

Upon receipt of a favorable background check and references, the first interview is scheduled. Additionally, there will be several required home visits. The licensing specialist will conduct phone interviews as well as in-person visits. All interviews and visits are casual and confidential.

Your home does not need to be "ready" at the first home visit. Rest assured, your licensing specialist will guide you through the legal requirements of preparing your home to welcome foster children. Meetings and visits are scheduled at a comfortable pace and new foster parents always know what to expect during the next appointment.   

4 - Foster Care Classes

Foster Parent Training Prepared Us


Foster Parent Training Prepared Us

Wisconsin requires new foster parents to complete 30-hours of classroom training. CCR's new foster parent training provides the necessary education and tools to care for children with trauma histories and heightened emotions and behaviors. Classes are held in two sessions of two days each.

5 - Foster Care Licensure

By now, you understand why getting a foster care license takes so long. Upon completion of all paperwork, home visits, and training, a home study will be written. At this time, a foster care license will be issued and filed with the state of Wisconsin. You are now ready to accept foster children and become part of a child's healing process!  

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