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CCR provides so much support and services for our foster youth and to my family.

Treatment Foster Children

Treatment Foster Care offers additional support and services to kids and foster parents.

We keep sibling groups together

Foster parent keeps sibling groups together

Foster children in treatment level care have experienced significant trauma. Each child has an emotional, personal story with different levels of trauma tied to their past which determines behaviors in the present. Community Care Resources provides continuous trauma training for foster parents so they are equipped to help children feel safe and heal from past trauma. Our promise to all foster parents is to provide transparent communication among school staff, psychologists, counselors, and caseworkers. Each of our foster parents is part of a larger team in helping a child heal.

County foster care agencies refer children to treatment level when they do not have an appropriate home available to meet the higher-level needs of the children. Most kids in Treatment Foster Care have experienced some level of trauma due to physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and/or significant loss. Many are siblings.

Emotional problems in youth range from mild to severe. Foster parents are encouraged to have preferences on what ages and types of behaviors they are most comfortable fostering.

Our foster parents are well prepared through extensive training to care for kids at many need levels. It takes consistent parenting skills, supportive school staff, and routine therapy to successfully care for children with mental health disorders, behavioral issues, and medical needs. Community Care Resources provides intensive case management, weekly home visits, and bi-weekly school visits to support both parent and child.

Image of KidsCCR foster parents receive an enhanced and individualized level of foster parent support from our clinical case managers and trauma-informed team. Helping children heal from trauma requires a very flexible schedule, patience, and an abundance of love to share. Qualify to be a foster parent here.

We want you to be informed, comfortable and confident in your decision to open your heart and home to youth in Treatment Foster Care. We encourage you to call us so we can discuss with you the details of caring for kids with trauma and what you might expect.

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