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I've fostered for multiple counties and can honestly say that there is nothing like having your own caseworker and loads of support we get with CCR.

Treatment Foster Children

Treatment Foster Care offers additional support and services to kids with significant trauma.

We keep sibling groups together

Foster parent keeps sibling groups together

Becoming a treatment foster parent in Wisconsin requires both strength and patience. Foster children at the treatment level have experienced significant trauma, requiring foster parents to be trained in Trauma-Informed Care. CCR foster parents receive an enhanced and individualized level of foster parent support from our clinical case managers and trauma-informed team.

The elevated needs of children in Treatment Foster Care are met through a team of professionals and well trained foster parents. Foster kids receive the necessary mental health, medical and educational services to become more stable, adaptive and emotionally healthy. Some are in care alone and a high number of kids in treatment level are siblings. The majority of our foster parents welcome sibling groups or more than one child in their home at a time. Children come from every county throughout the state. Abuse and neglect know no boundaries. Each child has an emotional, personal story with different levels of trauma tied to their past which determines behaviors in the present. Community Care Resources provides continuous trauma training for foster parents so they are equipped to help children feel safe and heal from past trauma.

All children come to us from their county of origin. County agencies refer children to treatment level when they do not have an appropriate home. Nearly 75% of children have been in at least one foster home prior to placement with CCR. Most kids in Treatment Foster Care have experienced some level of trauma due to physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and/or significant loss. Many are siblings that have been separated in county foster homes. Our goal is to place siblings together! There are countless reasons why so many children enter foster care. The good news is that the behaviors they bring with them tend to be natural mechanisms for coping with past trauma, and with a team of support, these behaviors can be adjusted.

This means transparent communication with school staff, psychologists, counselors, and caseworkers. You can expect a schedule of appointments that require the transportation of your foster child, thus a flexible schedule is mandatory. You can also expect WEEKLY in-home visits designed to support parents and foster children.

The boys are making true friends

Our foster boys are making true friends

Higher-level (3,4) youth need compassionate foster parents with enormous patience and flexibility. Kids in Treatment Foster Care are often diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autism, ADHD, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and a host of other labels. Our goal is to create positive change and erase the damaged labels from their lives.

Emotional problems in youth range from mild to severe. Our Wisconsin foster parents are well prepared through extensive training to care for kids at many need levels. It takes consistent parenting skills, supportive school staff, and routine therapy to successfully care for children with mental health disorders, behavioral issues, and medical needs. Community Care Resources provides intensive case management, weekly home visits, and bi-weekly school visits to support both parent and child.

Image of KidsWe want you to be informed, comfortable and confident in your decision to open your heart and home to youth in Treatment Foster Care. We encourage you to call us so we can discuss with you the needs and behaviors of children that come into care and what situations and experiences you might expect to have in your home.

There just aren't enough foster homes.

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