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Qualify to be a Foster Parent

Foster parent requirements

We are happy you are exploring how to become a foster parent with us. We welcome anyone, from any of the 60 county locations we serve to explore the 3 levels of foster care we offer. Our goal is to help children heal from trauma while in a safe, stable, loving foster home. CCR foster kids have suffered prolonged abuse and/or neglect and they require dedicated foster parents trained in trauma-informed care principals to help them heal. 

Please review the list below. If you meet each requirement we would love to speak with you!

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The basic requirements to become a foster parent with CCR are: 

  • Resident of Wisconsin
  • A flexible day to day schedule with an adult at home before and after school, on school breaks, and summer vacation. (read more below)
  • 25 years or older (CCR will consider 21+ if a spouse is 25 or over).
  • Financial stability (there is not an income requirement.)
  • Stable, healthy relationships, and people you can count on.
  • Willingness to learn about childhood trauma and use trauma-informed parenting skills.
  • Desire to foster school-age children (CCR does not place babies or toddlers).
  • Valid drivers license and auto insurance.
  • Willing and able to work with the children's biological family.
  • A clean background check (traffic violations, most misdemeanors, and many felonies will not affect your application.
  • Available bedroom space for foster children.

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Foster parents must have a flexible schedule to meet the higher needs of foster kids.

Yes, our flexibility requirement is more stringent than other agencies. It may seem like a lot for us to ask, and it is. However, programs such as before and after school care, daycare, and summer camps are not always successful environments for kids with trauma histories. We have helped thousands of kids and teens over the last 31 years. We have proven that structure, stability, and predictable routines and schedules are crucial to a child'a ability to heal. 

In addition, flexibility is required Monday-Friday for transporting or participating in 2-3 appointments each week. 

  • Biological family visits
  • Therapy/Support services
  • In-home Case Management meetings

We do NOT require a stay-at-home parent.

We require foster parents to be available to their kids when they are not in school. We have many single teachers & school staff, small business owners, couples working different shifts, self-employed foster parents, retired folks, and many others. Let's talk about your schedule.

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Foster Parent myths worth debunking. 

  • Parenting experience is NOT required. However, you must have the desire to help kids with trauma histories. 
  • A big or expensive home is NOT required. It is important that your home be clean, uncluttered, and safe.
  • There is NOT an income requirement. You simply must be able to consistently pay your household bills each month. (without relying on the foster parent stipend)
  • Homeownership is NOT required. Apartments and rentals are great too.

If you have questions and would like more information visit our Foster Care Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Ready to learn more and begin the process to become a foster parent. Contact us today. We can't wait to help you exlore further!

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Anyone with a flexible schedule, in any county, can be a CCR foster parent.


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