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Amy, Calumet County

I found the entire licensing process very easy and quick with CCR...the team helped me through the entire process! When it was time to renew, they were right on top of things as well! Never once felt I was left on my own to figure it out.

Ready for Treatment Level?

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Why kids are in treatment level

Treatment Foster Care provides individualized, evidence-based interventions and programs, delivered with compassion for children and adolescents with emotional, behavioral, intellectual and developmental disorders.

Kids in treatment foster care are matched with a foster family best able to meet their specific needs.

We are always looking for both new and experienced foster parents interested in parenting kids of all ages with higher-level needs. Youth with trauma-related behaviors require a foster family that can provide a stable, supportive and highly-supervised home environment.

If you are new to foster care, please read how to become a foster parent with CCR.

If you are currently a foster parent with another agency and are searching for foster parent support services and a team environment, look no further. We would love to speak with you. Wisconsin state requirements for a higher level of care certification are the same no matter which agency you choose, it is the amount of support you are going to get that will determine your success at helping children heal. We promise that our staff at Community Care Resources will provide you with an abundance of support services not often found at other agencies in Wisconsin.

Image of ChildrenWe will train you in trauma-informed care, meet with you in your home WEEKLY and be available to you 24/7. We promise!

Are you currently licensed at level 2 and interested in continued training that will enable you to care for more children?
Do you have past experience fostering and want to license again?
Are you looking for an agency that offers abundant support services to Level 3 & 4 parents?


If you have related personal or work experience with kids or have experience parenting you may already meet many of the qualifications necessary to be a Treatment Foster Care Parent.

We have significant diversity among foster parents here at CCR and would love for you to consider joining our family. CCR welcomes single, married, partnered and LGBT to explore fostering with us. 

Why we transferred to Treatment Care

Why we transferred to Treatment Care

Treatment level is about support services

Treatment level is about support services

Foster Parent Questions & Answers

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