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The Most Important Thing Kids Need

The Most Important Thing Kids Need

Treatment Foster Care provides additional support services for both foster children and foster parents. When a county does not have a foster home available to meet the needs of a child or sibling group, a referral is made to a private foster agency. While most children are placed in treatment care due to behavioral, developmental, emotional, and intellectual needs others may be referred simply because they are a sibling group.

Prolonged neglect and abuse create a world of trauma for children. For 31 years, CCR has been helping children and adolescents successfully heal from trauma through a variety of treatment plans. Foster parents are part of a team, working closely with staff and professionals to help children meet goals towards healing.

Kids in treatment foster care are matched with a foster family best able to meet their specific needs.

We are always looking for both new and experienced foster parents interested in parenting kids of all ages. Our kids and sibling groups require a foster family that can provide a loving, stable, supportive, and supervised home environment. Kids with emotional and behavioral trauma histories need foster parents to have flexible schedules. It is important to understand that there are different levels of care for different levels of trauma. Read more about that here: Wisconsin treatment foster care.  

Current foster parents interested in transferring to CCR can expect to learn about the plethora of support services we provide. We would love to speak with you about transferring your license to CCR. We promise our staff will provide you with an abundance of support services not often found at other agencies in Wisconsin.

Treatment Level Explained

Treatment Level Explained

We will train you in trauma-informed care, meet with you in your home WEEKLY and be available to you 24/7. We promise!

  • Are you currently licensed at level 2 with your county and interested in fostering treatment level?
  • Do you have past experience fostering and want to license again?
  • Are you looking for an agency that offers abundant support services?
Why we transferred to Treatment Care

Why we transferred to Treatment Care

Treatment level is about support services

Treatment level is about support services

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Private Agency or County, You Decide

Private Agency or County, You Decide

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