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Fostering has been fulfilling, especially when the kids contact us after leaving foster care.

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LGBT Wisconsin Foster Parents

Community Care Resources welcomes anyone from the Wisconsin LGBT community to become a foster parent. We understand that finding a trustworthy, accepting Wisconsin foster agency is important. Our professional team encourages anyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity to pursue their wish to be a foster parent. We are proud to have LGBT foster families in many different counties across Wisconsin. ALL of our foster parents bring wonderful experiences and resources to foster kids and youth and are encouraged and supported by our staff.

Foster parents with flexible schedules needed.

We are in need of stable, loving foster homes in all Wisconsin counties that have flexibility in their daily schedule. No matter where you live, we have a need for additional homes and would love for you to consider joining our family. Foster parents receive weekly in-home visits with their assigned Case Manager to ensure that necessary support is provided. Whether living in Dane, Racine, Rock, Eau Claire, Kenosha, or a smaller county in a more rural setting, we welcome your call. We never know when and where the children will come to us from so it is vital that we have foster homes in every corner of the state.

Interested in adoption? Each year, many of our children are adopted by their foster parents. Of course, adoption should not be the goal of fostering but it can be the icing on the cake. Between 2013-2018 approximately 13% of our kids were adopted by their foster parents. In 2019, that percentage rose to an astounding 23%. We are happy to discuss this option with you and provide more information about how to adopt a child from foster care.

LGBTQ youth often face trauma and maltreatment from their families or caregivers, putting them at risk of further bias and discrimination. We always need families that will love and accept LGBTQ youth in foster care without question or hesitation. If you are interested in caring for this population please contact us. We have foster parents that will also be happy to speak with you and share their experiences.  

Applying for a foster care license requires completion of a Home Study. Feel at ease knowing that we want to learn about you and your family and the strengths and skills you can offer to a child in your care. We are here to welcome you, prepare you, and support you!

Please contact us anytime or call us on weekdays at 800.799.0450

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