LGBT Foster Parents in Wisconsin

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Believe it or not, it makes us better parents to our own children. 

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LGBT Foster Parents in Wisconsin

Becoming a foster parent begins with feeling welcome.

Community Care Resources welcomes everyone to explore becoming a foster parent in Wisconsin, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. There is a place for everyone to help kids feel safe, accepted, and loved while in foster care. We desperately need foster parents to care for kids ages 5-18, sibling groups, and LGBTQ+ youth. CCR foster families live in 35 counties throughout Wisconsin, and each receives 24/7 support.

The most important thing to offer a foster child is your time. Having a flexible schedule is required to be a foster parent with CCR. Foster kids need a parent at home when they are not in school. Yes, our foster parents can work full-time, but kids need the stability and structure of having a parent home when they are home. 

LGBT foster parents can work full-time.

The common theme our foster parents have is a flexible schedule. All three couples pictured below have schedules that allow one of them to be home before and after school and during breaks. 

  • Kimberly and Stephanie live in Waukesha county, both work full-time. Stephanie works from home as a consultant with the ability to block off time in her schedule for appointments and has flexibility for unplanned interruptions. Her wife Kimberly works full-time outside of the home Monday-Friday, with flexible hours.
  • Meg and Stacy are longtime CCR foster parents from Eau Claire county. They have adopted three of their foster children over the years and hope to adopt a child currently placed in their home. Stacy works full-time outside of the house, and Meg is a stay-at-home parent.
  • Dan and Ryan live in Sauk county. Ryan is a teacher, and Dan works full-time with the ability to be available at a moment's notice. They are currently caring for an 11-year-old boy.

LGBTQ+ kids in foster care need loving, accepting homes.

Youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or other diverse identity (LGBTQ+) are overrepresented in foster care, with estimates as high as 30 percent of youth in foster care identifying as LGBTQ+.  LGBTQ+ teens often face trauma and maltreatment from their families or caregivers, putting them at risk of further bias and discrimination. Like all young people, LGBTQ+ children need the support of a nurturing family to help them navigate their pre-teen and teenage years and grow into healthy adults.

We always need additional families that will love and accept LGBTQ youth in foster care. If you are interested in caring for this population, please contact us. We have foster parents that are happy to speak with you and share their experiences.  

Qualify to be a foster parent with one phone call.

We understand that choosing the best foster agency for yourself and your family can feel a bit overwhelming. Our professional team is available to walk you through it, not talk you into it. No matter what county you reside in, the need for more foster parents is great. Obtaining a foster care license typically takes four months.

We would love to speak with you if you can offer a stable, loving home and have flexibility in your day-to-day daily schedule. 

Please get in touch with us anytime or call us on weekdays at 800.799.0450

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