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I've fostered for multiple counties and can honestly say that there is nothing like having your own caseworker and loads of support we get with CCR.

Levels Of Foster Care

We enjoy working with teen girls

We enjoy working with teen girls

I finally felt accepted

I finally felt accepted

Treatment Foster Care provides the mental health services and additional support needed to care for children with higher need levels.

Image of KidsAll children placed in foster care in Wisconsin are assessed using the Child and Adolescent Needs & Strengths (CANS) tool. The tool is used to measure the well-being, level of functioning, status on permanence and quality of life. This tool provides our staff with information to determine the amount of care or supervision a child might need. Every child is given a Level of Need based on their CANS score. The score is used to place a child in an appropriate foster home. The child’s level of need is used in conjunction with the foster parent’s level of care certification to provide stability in placement and promote positive outcomes. Basically, a higher level of care certification means you are able to care for youth with higher need levels.

All Community Care Resources foster homes begin at a level 2. During the first two years, 36 hours of additional training is completed and parents are then certified at level 3. Although parents may start their fostering journey at a level 2, the goal should be to continue training to obtain the knowledge and licensure for levels 3 then 4. Our 30 years of experience in higher level foster care sets us apart from other Wisconsin agencies. The support we provide is essential to a successful placement.

Level 2 Referred to as basic foster care requires foster parents to provide mild to moderate care depending on child-specific needs. Providing this level of care requires less training than higher levels of care.
Level 3 Considered moderate treatment foster care, which requires additional supervision and care for children with higher needs. (Additional requirements must be met to care for children with higher needs.)
Level 4 Considered specialized treatment foster care, structured to meet the higher needs of children such as teen parents, those on the autism spectrum or youth with sexually aggressive behaviors. (Additional requirements above level 3 must be met to care for children with higher needs.)

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12:00 am Foster Parent Training @ Community Care Resources
Foster Parent Training @ Community Care Resources
Feb 25 @ 12:00 am – 12:00 am
If you qualify to be a foster parent and begin the steps to become a foster parent soon, you may be able to attend our upcoming training session. Call today and learn more.
3:02 pm Foster Parent Training @ Community Care Resources
Foster Parent Training @ Community Care Resources
Mar 11 @ 3:02 pm – 4:02 pm
Call us today and begin the process of becoming a foster parent.

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