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Fostering has been fulfilling, especially when the kids contact us after leaving foster care.

Support Services

All CCR foster parents receive weekly, in-home support

Support begins while you’re exploring becoming a foster parent and deciding which Wisconsin foster agency to work with. We walk you through the details and explain the differences between a private foster agency and your county agency. We take your call immediately, answer your questions and present all material with full transparency so you will be informed and confident upon making your decision to become a foster parent in Wisconsin. CCR has been supporting foster parents since 1989 and we believe it is the single most important factor in helping children heal from trauma.

We understood the support we would get

We understood the support we would get

  • WEEKLY IN-HOME VISITS  *counties generally provide monthly visits
  • MEET THE KIDS BEFORE ACCEPTING A PLACEMENT  *No late night drop offs or emergency placements
  • LOW EMPLOYEE TURNOVER.  *Our employees average 15 years of employment with CCR!
  • PAID RESPITE!   *CCR pays another foster family or respite family to give you a break
  • 24-HOUR HOTLINE  *Talk to us immediately - Never wait to get help or answers
  • MASTERS degree Clinical Case Managers  *County social workers typically have a 4-year degree.

Other agencies might provide monthly visits to their foster parents but here at CCR we believe that weekly visits are critical for both foster parents and children. These one on one meetings are key in helping a child heal from past trauma and in offering foster parents the tools to be successful. This scheduled visit is spent with an assigned and dedicated clinical case manager (CCM) and oftentimes a therapist, depending on the needs of the children in care. With exceptional low employee turnover, many of our foster parents have had the same caseworker assigned to their home for 10, 15 and 23 years! You can expect your CCM to answer your texts, take your late calls and share in your joys and frustrations. After hours, case managers are available through our 24/7 on-call hotline. Our entire staff works for the best interests of the foster children and foster parents. Listen as a former CCR foster youth describes his experiences:

My Case Manager was amazing

Foster parents need a break every now and then.

That is why CCR provides 2 days of respite care per month to every foster family. Our foster parents also appreciate the generous, 6 paid vacation days per year! We understand how important it is to take care of you so you can take care of your kiddos.

Psychological evaluations and consultations are provided for all foster youth by Dr. Donna Rifken, PH.D. Interventions, consultations, and support are also available to our families caring for traumatized youth.

Our experienced training professional offers monthly continued education opportunities in many regions of Wisconsin. It is a time for parents to fill their toolboxes with additional tools and resources to successfully care for kids with significant trauma. Foster parents find the trainings interesting, informative and are a great way to connect and share with other foster parents.

Count on our experienced team to be available when you need us

There is always someone available from our experienced team to help you solve a problem, handle an emergency, or answer a small question. We will not let you walk alone, and we will not abandon you on your journey. We Promise.

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