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Become a foster parent in Outagamie County

Thank you for exploring how to become a foster parent with us. We are always in need of additional foster families in Outagamie county. Our greatest need is to place children ages 10-18 but we also need homes for sibling groups and younger children.

Our foster families accept a variety of children based on their license level and the level of care of a child. All new CCR foster parents begin their journey as a level 2 (basic) foster home, just like you would with Outagamie County. The children placed in level 2 homes have experienced neglect and/or abuse and will have trauma because of it. With time and experience, foster parents may choose to move to level 3 or 4, treatment foster care, to care for children with heightened behaviors and emotions due to significant trauma.

So, what is the difference between CCR and county agencies like Outagamie?

  • Weekly in-home support visits and school visits.
  • 24/7 Helpline so you can speak with a CCR case manager within minutes, after hours.
  • All CCR case managers have a master's degree in Social Work.
  • A 15-year average length of employment among CCR case managers.
  • Trauma-informed care training before and during your foster care journey.
  • Maximum of 15 kids allowed on each case manager's caseload.

If you qualify to be a foster parent and can provide a flexible schedule, love, and acceptance to children in need of a loving home, we would love to speak with you. We encourage you to explore our website and find many additional answers to the important foster care questions you have.

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Anyone with a flexible schedule, in any county, can be a CCR foster parent.


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