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Can I Be a Foster Parent?

We need foster parents as diverse as the kids/youth in our care. Foster parents are needed in all counties across Wisconsin. We welcome a diverse pool of foster parents, including differences in sex, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, education, and political perspective. Who you love, what your political stance is, and how much money you make aren't important - we recognize that what matters most is that you have the qualities, time, and patience to care for a child with heightened trauma temporarily.

Yes, you can be a foster parent.

If you're single, married, divorced, partnered, or widowed.
Your relationship status doesn't matter to the kids in foster care or us. Families come in many different shapes and sizes, and we assess everyone who applies to foster in the same way. Some children in care may benefit from being placed with a single foster parent. Others may thrive from the balance of a nuclear, two-parent household. A widower might be the perfect match for a boy in care. There is a place for everyone who desires to help children.


If you're male, female, non-binary, straight, gay, bisexual, transgender...
Gender identity and expression will not impact your ability to provide a stable and loving home for youth. Whom you love and how you identify don't matter. We're looking for foster parents who want to make a difference and meet kids where they are at. Some youth feel more secure and accepted with foster parents in the LGTBQ community. The bottom line is that we need more foster parents who want to learn about trauma and how to parent children with trauma histories. We will teach and guide you, no matter who you are or who you love.

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Wisconsin foster parents bring diversity from many counties.

No matter what your ethnicity or cultural background is, we welcome you.
CCR kids come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. We need foster parents from across the state representing our kids' race, identity, and culture. No matter your race, ethnicity, or national origin, we welcome you to foster with us to help us build an even more robust, diverse fostering community. CCR foster parents can live in any county in Wisconsin.

Regular attendance at church or no religion at all. 
When matching a child to a foster family, we're looking for the right family based on their ability to meet a child's needs, and sometimes that includes a child's religious needs. That doesn't mean you need to be religious or practice the same religion as the child and vice versa. Again, there is a place for everyone, no matter your spiritual beliefs.

Fostering with other children and pets in the home.

If you have pets or farm animals.
The majority of our foster families have pets. From dogs and cats to cows and chickens, pets and farm animals can often be a comforting friend to a foster child. However, it is essential to ensure that any pets in your household can live safely alongside foster youth. In the home, pets will be assessed as part of the process in areas such as behavior and temperament. In addition, vet records demonstrating up-to-date shots are required. We'll also need to ensure that shelter and grounds for outdoor animals meet safety requirements for any foster children living in the home.

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If you have children of your own or not.
Many CCR foster parents have children of their own. Some live at home; others have grown up and left the nest. We also have foster parents who do not have children of their own. They may have nieces or nephews, or maybe they've worked with children but do not have their own children - and that's okay too. What all foster parents have in common is that they can all provide supportive, stable homes for the kids in their care.

If you rent or own your own home.
You don't need to own a home to be a foster parent. You need a house suitable for fostering, with a spare bedroom for a foster child or siblings. Some foster parents have their own kids sharing rooms with foster children. If space allows and gender and age are appropriate, that can be a nice option for some kids. What you may need if you are renting is permission from your landlord to foster while living in the property, which is often not an issue.


Criminal background or problematic past.
Maybe you had a difficult childhood, were in foster care as a youth, or found yourself walking a different path in previous years. Perhaps you have some minor offenses in your past that you're worried might stop you from fostering. You may even have a felony from years ago. Sometimes the challenges a person has faced, or their life experiences are precisely why they would make a fantastic foster parent. Don't fret. Discuss your concerns with us and we can tell you if your history will allow or prevent you from fostering. 

Your experiences may help you connect with a child/youth and relate to their feelings. However, we must provide safe, stable environments for the children, which is why the application process can feel invasive. We will need to talk to you about your past, your childhood, and significant ex-partners, for example - but we all face our own challenges in life, and sometimes we make mistakes. What matters most is that you desire to learn about childhood trauma and can provide a stable and structured environment. Your experiences, bad or good, could make you the perfect match for a child/youth in foster care.

We need foster homes with flexible schedules in all corners of Wisconsin. We are desperate for more homes wishing to help teens. Contact us anytime to discuss your interest and learn more about fostering with us. 


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