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Become a foster parent in Kenosha County, Wisconsin

We are so happy you are exploring how to become a foster parent in Kenosha County. There are many children in Kenosha and the surrounding area in need of a loving foster home. We always have a need for more foster parents in Kenosha that can offer flexible schedules and a willingness to help kids heal from their trauma. Our team will support you throughout your fostering journey and our promise is to be available to you and exceed your expectations with communication and support services.

As a new CCR foster parent, you will be licensed as a level 2 (basic) foster home, just like you would with Kenosha county. You may remain a level 2 foster home or down the road, with experience and additional qualifications, you may choose to provide treatment foster care (levels 3 & 4) for kids with heightened trauma histories. Staying at level 2 is okay with us too.

So, what is the difference between CCR and county agencies like Kenosha? The differences are mainly found in the amount of support and attention you will receive and the unmatched experience and education of our staff.

  • We provide weekly in-home support for you and school visits with the kids with a focus on helping kids heal.
  • Our 24/7 helpline allows all foster parents to speak with a CCR case manager within minutes any time of day.
  • All CCR case managers have a master's degree in Social Work allowing for a clinical approach.
  • We have a 15-year average length of employment among our case managers, which means they love working at CCR and serving their foster families.
  • Trauma-informed care training before and during your foster care journey to help you care for the kids.
  • A maximum of 15 kids is allowed on each case manager's caseload ensuring quality, individual attention for you and the kids.

We place kids of all ages and many are sibling pairs and groups. A typical placement will last 12-24 months. It is not often that we place infants or babies, if this is your desire you may want to contact your county foster agency.

John and Amber have licensed with CCR for 4 years. They currently have two children in their care, a 7-year old girl and her 10-year old brother. Their case manager Monica has been with CCR for 9 years and she herself was a foster child. She is shown here with Brian our placement coordinator. Brian has been placing foster children in CCR homes for 21 years. Rebecca's case manager Wanda (below) has been providing Rebecca and her foster children support services, including weekly in-home visits, for 18 years! Yes, it's true. Wanda is the only case manager Rebecca and her family has ever had. The relationships between foster parents and case managers are a huge part of our success helping children heal from trauma.

If you have patience and love to give, you can do this work!   

There is a large need for new foster parents throughout Dane County. We need homes to welcome teens, toddlers, elementary ages, and sibling groups.

If you qualify to be a foster parent and can provide love, patience, and stability for children with different emotions and behaviors due to what they have been through, we would love to speak with you. We also encourage you to explore our website and find many answers to the important foster care questions you have.

We are so happy you are exploring becoming a foster parent with us. There are many foster children in Kenosha County and the surrounding area waiting for a loving home. As a statewide Wisconsin foster agency, we are always looking for new foster homes to help kids heal, feel safe and loved. Kenosha County is just one of the 50+ Wisconsin counties we service.

If you qualify to be a foster parent and can provide love, patience, and acceptance to children with trauma, we would love to speak with you. We encourage you to explore our website and find many answers to the important foster care questions you have.

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Private Agency or County, You Decide

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