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Cheryl, Dane County

What a difference this little girl has made in our lives. We feel truly blessed to have her in our family.

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Become a foster parent in Dane County, Wisconsin

Foster parents are needed in Dane county.

We are thrilled you are exploring how to become a foster parent with us. At this time, we desperately need foster parents in Dane County to care for kids over age ten and sibling groups. Additional homes for kids under age five are not needed at this time. We continuously get referrals for older youth, and sadly, we turn away dozens of kids each month because we don't have enough foster homes.

Our office is located in Middleton, Wisconsin, to provide you with all the support services you'll need to care for children. Upon getting a foster care license, a Clinical Case Manager will be assigned to your home. The CCM will provide weekly in-home visits to offer all the support needed to care for children successfully. In addition, Case Managers visit the children either at school or home every week.

Why do foster parents choose a private foster agency like CCR?

We understand that being a foster parent can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, and there are many reasons families decide to foster children. We also understand that families have options when choosing an agency. Services provided by the CCR team allow foster parents to acquire necessary trauma-informed care training and benefit from round-the-clock, 24/7 support. Successful foster parents cannot do this work alone. It takes a team approach and an agency that keeps its promises to hold your hand and have your back. Since 1989, CCR has been helping kids from all over the state heal by offering foster families support beyond industry standards.

What foster parents have come to expect from CCR:

  • Trauma-informed care training
  • 24/7 support services
  • Master's level Case Managers
  • Weekly in-home visits
  • Incredibly high employee retention rates
  • Individualized treatment plans for all kids
  • No more than 15 kids per Case Manager
  • Full access to supervisors

Foster children often need more than what a basic foster home can provide.

Children are referred to CCR when a county foster home is unavailable. Perhaps a child needs to be in a home without younger children where healing can happen with more undivided attention. Maybe a county doesn't have a foster home for a sibling group so kids can be together. Or there may be a child that would do best in a home with a stay-at-home parent. Whatever the reason, CCR can accommodate kids from all over the state. Treatment foster care brings additional needs, most importantly, the need for a stable family life. These children are often the victims of prolonged neglect, abuse, or abandonment. As a result, they have heightened emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems. In addition, many of these children have experienced significant trauma, making it difficult to participate — let alone succeed — in school and the home without proper services. At CCR, we empower foster families to help kids overcome trauma and prepare for the future. Buchanan Kids

Dane County foster family has helped dozens of children in Mt. Horeb.

Rebecca is a longtime CCR foster parent from Mt. Horeb. She is shown here with Brian, our placement coordinator. Brian has been dedicated to CCR for 21 years and knows her family well. In addition, Rebecca's case manager Wanda has been providing the family a myriad of support services, including weekly in-home visits, for 18 years! Yes, it's true. Wanda is the only case manager Rebecca, and her family has ever had. The relationships between foster parents and case managers are a huge part of our success in helping children heal from trauma.Brian Rebecca 2

If you have patience and love to give, you can do this work!   

There is an enormous need for more foster parents like Rebecca from Dane County, Wisconsin, to care for pre-teens, teens, and larger sibling groups. Not sure if older kids are the right fit for you? We are happy to connect you with a current foster parent to discuss.

CCR foster parents must have a flexible schedule.

Yes, foster parents can work full-time, and you can be a single foster parent. However, being home with foster kids when they are not in school is required. To meet the higher needs of kids and provide the structure and stability needed to heal, this is our most crucial foster care requirement. Working from home is often an option, depending on your workday and workflow. In addition, having a position that allows you (or a spouse) to be home in the summer is required.

Qualifying to be a foster parent with CCR.

There are ten essential requirements to become a foster parent with CCR. First, as mentioned above, most important is a flexible schedule. Secondly, our foster parents are required to be at least 25-years-old. 

Our FAQ page has over 30 answers to all your questions. After reading our Foster Care FAQs, we would love to speak with you. Contact us anytime.

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