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Foster Parents Needed to Help Kids in Foster Care

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Foster care parents are needed in Wisconsin to care for children of any age. By becoming a licensed foster parent, you can make a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.

It also helps to keep them safe and secure. Foster care offers children a safe, secure, and nurturing environment while parents work to improve their situation. Foster care can last for several days or even months. Its primary objective is to help children return to their parents. Foster parents can be encouraged to work with the child and his/her parents.

Foster Care Agency

A foster care agency provides a stable and a family environment for children and adolescents to receive appropriate mental health, medical and education to become more adaptive and emotionally healthy.

The foster care agencies provide background information on the child to foster parents before placing a child with them. This includes any behavioral and medical problems.

Foster parents are responsible for temporarily caring for children until they reach their permanence goals.

They must comply with the following:

  • Agency requirements
  • Meet foster home licensing requirements
  • Provide any pertinent information regarding the child to the court and/or the caseworker

Foster parenting can also mean working with partners:

  • The child's family
  • The agency
  • The family of the child to support him/her during his/her placement

They ensure that the child has all the basic needs met. They also include the family as much as possible in the child’s life. Foster care parents help the child prepare for adoption or guardianship as the case develops.

What would a foster care agency expect from a foster parent?

Foster parents must commit to providing a loving, safe environment to the foster child until they are able to return home to live with their biological family. They must be able to meet the individual needs of a child and to participate in every aspect of their child's life, including school, therapy, and social networks.

What kind of training the agency will provide to foster parents?

Fostering and adopting children requires training. Licensing worker from the agency will coordinate your foster/adoptive parental education schedule. Adoptive parents and general foster care parents must attend these pre-license sessions before they can receive a license. Pre-license sessions must be completed by treatment and respite foster parents too before they can receive a license. These sessions give prospective foster and adoptive parents all the knowledge and skills they need to create a safe and nurturing environment for their children. They also clarify any information you have learned during the licensing process. To keep your license current, you will need to continue training each year after becoming licensed.

How to get foster care parenting license in Wisconsin?

  • Contact the county foster care coordinator to learn more about becoming a licensed foster parent.
  • For more information about how to become a licensed foster parent in Wisconsin, visit the Community Care Resources foster care agency.
  • Contact the foster care coordinator to learn more about becoming a foster care parent.

About Community Care Resources:

Community Care Resources is a statewide Wisconsin foster agency with foster families in over 35 Wisconsin counties and CCR is one of the largest agencies in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin foster care system continues to be in crisis, and Community Care Resources needs families to care for children ages 5-18 and sibling groups. More foster parents are needed to help the nearly 7,600 kids in Wisconsin foster care. Contact Community Care Resources if you are interested to be a foster parent in Wisconsin.



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