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Keep Siblings Together in Wisconsin Foster Care

Wisconsin foster care is filled with sibling groups of all ages. Unfortunately, keeping siblings together isn't always easy. In the last 6 days, we received referrals for 3 groups of siblings. Two of the three groups were placed in CCR foster homes. We did our best to locate a home for the third group but were unsuccessful. We were frustrated to tell the referring county we did not have a home for them. Here are some details about these great kids ranging in age from 3-11 with lower-level needs.

Foster kids often struggle in school. Not this 7-year old!

Taylor is one of 4 siblings. She does well in school, loves to read, enjoys math, art, and playing with her friends. Taylor is in second grade and is meeting or exceeding ALL expectations in her school work. Listening and following directions are her strengths. Taylor is kind and respectful while also strong-willed. Meeting new people she can be quiet and shy, but once she is comfortable, she is described as very social. Her mother says she can be bossy but shows no behavioral needs.

Taylor's teacher said, "she is a great kid and aims to please." She works hard, sets a good example, and is helpful to her classmates. Her favorite time of the day is recess and lunch.

Taylor would do well in a foster home with animals. She is kind and caring towards pets.

Many toddlers in foster care are developmentally delayed.

Not Misty! This 3-year-old just had a birthday and is doing very well for her age. Although she is not speaking as fluid as some kids her age, she continues to add to her vocabulary and can express herself appropriately. She is a typical toddler who wants to learn and explore. She loves her older siblings and is especially attached to her 9-year-old sister Mya. She has been observed to be active and curious.

Socialization with kids her age would benefit Misty, as would a family with a routine and structure. Misty sleeps well and has a healthy appetite. She continues to work on complete potty training. Her favorite food is an apple.

Witnessing violence in their family or community is common for many kids in foster care.

11-year-old Jerome is a typical boy in many ways. He loves playing video games and likes swimming. He can be wise for his years and is very protective of his 3 siblings. He has good insight and understands the needs of his sisters more than he should. Jerome is reported to struggle to remember that his job is to be a child, not a caretaker for his sisters. He does not make friends easily and is working on being more social with his peers.

Jerome spends a lot of time alone and suffers from low self-esteem and depression. He is reported to have problems with anger and tends to keep to himself and bottle things up. He has witnessed violence in his family and has been present during fights and threatening situations. Although he is good at keeping himself occupied on his own, he would do well in a family environment offering family group activities. In addition, a foster family that can offer extracurricular activities would be a good match. Jerome likes bowling and basketball. He is especially close to his 9-year-old sister Mya.

Jerome is in therapy and a mentoring program at this time. He is in the 5th grade and, according to his grade report received on 4/13/2021, meets expectations in his coursework, except for math, where he "needs improvement." Jerome does not have any educational needs.

Foster children who have been neglected can have an array of regressive issues.

Mya is 9-years-old and described as creative and empathetic. Her mother describes her as the peacekeeper of the family. She is quiet and slow to open up, but when she does, her kindness is clear.

Animals, music, and art are Mya's favorite things. She loves cats and hopes to have one someday. Mya does not like loud noises or being punished. She has witnessed family violence and gets frightened by yelling and loud voices. Mya's mother has reported that she suffers from some regressive issues, including bed-wetting (she wears Pull-Ups), using a teddy bear to comfort herself, and sucks her thumb when nervous or afraid. She is also described as stubborn, creative, and imaginative.

Mya is in the 3rd grade and, according to her grade report received on 4/13/2021, meets her expectations in her schoolwork except for math, where she "needs improvement." Mya's teacher notes, "Mya has really been opening up in class. Getting to know her personality has been so fun for us all. She continues to do a great job in class". Mya does not have any educational needs. She is currently enrolled in individual therapy, and that would need to be continued. A mentoring program would also be beneficial for her.

How did we not have a foster home for these amazing kids?

We did not have the right home in the right location. It is that simple. This simple reason is why we need more foster homes in every corner of Wisconsin willing to help more than one child at a time.

Please call us anytime to learn how to become a foster parent in Wisconsin and help kids like Mya, Misty, Taylor, and Jerome.



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