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Wisconsin Foster Parent Training

If you want to become a foster parent in Wisconsin there are many foster care training hours you must complete. Caring for foster children requires foster parents to have knowledge and understanding of behaviors, emotions, and a variety of needs a child may present. In addition, there are policies, procedures, and a great amount of helpful information to learn from foster parent training.

Wisconsin foster parents receive critical training to help foster children heal and grow.

Wisconsin requires online and classroom training for all new foster parents, and continued education for all Wisconsin foster parents throughout their foster care journey.

Part of the foster parent licensing process at Community Care Resources is completing 36 hours of initial training. There is a 6 hour online course and 30 hours of classroom training required. While some agencies allow the 30 hour requirement be fulfilled after issuance of a foster license, CCR requires all training to be completed prior to getting a license. We want to make sure our new foster parents have the knowledge and tools they need to successfully foster kids with trauma.

All prospective foster parents complete the 6-hour online foster parent training as part of the licensing process. The training is a great introduction to understanding foster care and foster children. Some of the topics covered are:

Believe it or not, we occasionally get social media comments on our Facebook posts from folks that don't understand why they need to go through training to be a foster parent.

I raised my three children, I don't think I need the state to teach me how to be a parent.

I would become a foster parent in a minute if they didn't require so much training!

In order to be a successful foster parent to kids with trauma, we must first understand trauma and what it does to children.

It is important to understand that foster parent training isn't designed to teach people how to be a parent. It is designed to educate prospective foster parents how to care for children who have been removed from their families due to abuse or neglect. In addition, understanding how to navigate the foster care system and work alongside foster agency staff is important.

The 30-hour curriculum at CCR is carefully designed to give prospective foster parents an understanding of what prolonged abuse and neglect does to children and how to best care for these children with the tools and support available.

Caring for foster children is very different than parenting your own kids.

Community Care Resources is a treatment level foster agency. Every child placed in one of our foster homes has an individualized treatment plan to address their trauma and development. Foster parents are an integral part of treatment plans and they must understand.

We want all of our new foster parents to feel confident they can do this difficult work and be successful in doing so. We support our new foster parents so they feel sure of themselves and trust that we will be there to support them on their journey. During classroom training we provide a very clear picture of what a placement may look like and what to expect when a child is placed in the home.


At Community Care Resources we are fortunate to have dedicated staff to help our foster parents find training resources, stay organized and keep track of their required training hours. Foster parents are required to complete 24 hours of training each year beginning in their 3rd year of fostering. These hours can be completed in several ways:

  • CCR offers groups training on a quarterly basis in many locations around the state. These training opportunities are a great way to connect with other CCR foster parents and learn in a group setting.
  • Online opportunities, videos, movies, and books are great resources for foster parents to complete their hours.
  • Foster Parent College  is a great resource for online learning.

Foster parent training is critical to care for children with heightened behaviors and trauma as well as helping kids cope with the turmoil and confusion that comes with out of home placement. Continued learning is a positive requirement in many fields and foster care is no different.

We are hopeful that all of our foster parents feel confident and empowered to do their best work with their foster kiddos.

Interested in learning answers on how to become a foster parent with CCR? Contact us anytime to talk about your options and what needs we have in your county.




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