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Julie, Monroe County

The best decision we ever made! Fostering and Adopting has been amazing.

Why Choose Us?

Private foster agency or a Wisconsin county agency, you decide.

You are not in it alone

Working with a private foster agency means you can live in any county

Understanding the difference can be confusing but it generally comes down to one thing: Foster parent support services.

Community Care Resources is a statewide, treatment level Wisconsin foster agency providing local, in-home support services to both foster parents and foster children. Our foster parents can live in ANY county in Wisconsin and be licensed with us while receiving the benefits of weekly in-home support from our professional staff.  All children are referred to us from their county of origin, most are currently in a county foster home and are in need of additional support and/or services that the county is unable to provide. Children placed in your home may be from your county or a neighboring county. Most children range in age from 5-18 and have significant trauma. CCR does not place children in emergency or short-term placements, an average placement will last 18-24 months. Our foster parents are highly trained in Trauma-Informed Care to better care for children and all of our Clinical Case Managers have a Master's degree in social work to better serve the children.

Weekly in-home support is critical for both foster parent and foster child

  • WEEKLY in-home visits (counties generally provide monthly visits)
  • BI-WEEKLY school visits with kids and school staff
  • 24/7 SUPPORT & CRISIS MANAGEMENT (after hours hotline staffed by our case managers)
  • MASTERS level Clinical Case Managers (a CCR employment requirement)
  • TRAUMA-INFORMED CARE TRAINING (continuous throughout your journey)
  • MEET THE KIDS prior to accepting a placement
  • SUCCESSFUL PLACEMENTS (well-planned placements, no more bouncing home to home)
  • SIBLING GROUPS (keeping siblings together is a priority)
  • CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST and staff therapists
  • LOW EMPLOYEE TURNOVER. Case Managers average length of employment is 15 years!
  • PAID RESPITE! CCR offers generous respite and PAID vacation annually

Image of Father and DaughterThe mental health professionals at CCR actively support and serve foster parents far beyond the state of Wisconsin’s minimum requirements.

Our goal is to make the fostering experience positive and rewarding for families and children. An abundance of support is how we succeed!

24/7 Support and Crisis Management

The CCR on-call line is available to all CCR foster parents. Staff can be reached to support you in an emergency situation during or after business hours.

We knew great things about CCR

We knew great things about CCR

Community Care Resources employees and foster parents are a family of quality-caring professionals. We know everyone’s name and personal story! We share, laugh and cry together, and we recognize what amazing parents we have on our team. Generous referral bonuses and the annual Wisconsin Dells celebration are some of the ways we show our appreciation to our foster parents in Wisconsin.

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