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Treatment Foster Care for 33 Years - Happy Anniversary!

Three decades ago, a Wisconsin man with a generous heart saw a desperate need for change within the Wisconsin foster care system. Working in social services and mental health, he knew first-hand that kids needed more than basic foster care. He saw the outcomes and patterns of kids in foster care and knew he could be an instrument of change. Kids required mental health services and opportunities to promote healing, and no one talked about it!

He had a vision for a new type of Wisconsin foster care.

He got in his car with a map, pen, and paper. He went door to door in rural Wisconsin, asking folks to help. He sat in their kitchens and talked about trauma over cups of coffee. He explained his vision. He explored his ideas with anyone that would sit with him. What is childhood trauma? What is it doing to our kids? What is his vision to combine foster care with mental health services? They listened.
It was a huge ask, but he knew if he successfully recruited just a few families together, they could quickly generate results and positive outcomes. They responded. Thirty-three years later, Community Care Resources is one of Wisconsin's largest and most highly respected treatment foster agencies.

Thousands of Wisconsin foster children have flourished.

Since 1989, thousands of kids have reunited with their families, many have found forever families through adoption, and so many have healthy connections and mentors to hold on to into adulthood. Most importantly, thousands of kids have healed because of the passion and dedication of hundreds of foster families and dozens of employees.

Within the agency, there are five supervisory positions. Each of the five has been with CCR for over 20 years! That dedication and leadership cannot be compared with any other Wisconsin agency. Their commitment to Community Care Resources runs deeper than any "job." This is family. This is home.

In social services, longevity is not promoted because it rarely exists. It is one of many things setting CCR apart from other foster agencies. Clinical Case Managers working in the field with foster families and children average an astounding 16 years with CCR. The common denominator is evident to all. Employment statistics like these don't just happen. They are nurtured. They are valued.

One of the building blocks set in place from the start back in 1989 was honest, transparent communication. That philosophy remains today. If foster families feel supported and heard, they will stay. The first family ever to license with CCR is still fostering teens! They have welcomed over 100 Wisconsin children into their Jefferson county home with open hearts. Their trust and belief in one man's vision over 30 years ago catapulted them on a life-long journey.

The dream of one man is sometimes all it takes.

There is no joking on this first day of April. Just a day and a blog space to publicly acknowledge a humble man that has helped so many. The entire CCR family congratulates Dan on an incredible 33 years of serving families and children. Your vision to combine mental health services with foster care has impacted countless lives.


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