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The Process - Become a Foster Parent

5 Steps to becoming a foster parent in Wisconsin

The foster care Wisconsin needs most is here at Community Care Resources. Treatment foster care provides a safe, healing environment for children with significant trauma as well as sibling groups. Our dedicated, long term staff is here to support you through the licensing process. No matter what county you live in, we would love to have you explore fostering with us and becoming part of a team to help children heal and grow from their trauma. Getting a foster care license typically takes 3-4 months and is completed in 5 steps. 

1 - A Phone Call

A phone call will allow us to get to know each other. We welcome your questions and will share openly about how to qualify to be a foster parent at the treatment level and what you might expect from the children. You will learn more about what treatment foster care is, how we support our foster parents and what makes us different than your county foster agency. We believe a one-on-one conversation allows for an honest exchange of information as you explore becoming a foster parent.   

2 - Initial Application

If you meet the foster parent qualifications and are ready to proceed, an application, several questionnaires, and a link to an online training course will be sent to you. If the completed application demonstrates a flexible schedule, a support system and a desire to care for children with significant trauma, we will schedule an appointment to visit with you in your home.

3 - Home Visits, Background Check, Fingerprinting

The first visit allows for more of your questions to be answered as well as opportunities for you to gain a better understanding of what fostering with CCR will be like. Background check, fingerprinting, and additional application forms will be presented during the first home visit. There will be 4 home visits in total as part of the licensing process. (your home does not have to be "ready" to begin the process)

4 - Classroom Training

Image of Father and Daughter30-hours of classroom training is required to obtain a foster license. Training takes place in two parts, with 4 weeks between part one and two. The first session focuses on policies, procedures, state requirements, and what to expect from CCR. Session two is an in-depth exploration of childhood trauma and trauma-informed care. 

5 - Licensing

Upon completion of training, your licensing specialist will write your home study and a foster care license will be issued and filed with the state of Wisconsin. You are now ready to accept foster children into your family and become part of a child's healing process.  

You may contact us at any time to learn more about qualifying to be a foster parent. We are happy to schedule evening and weekend calls to accommodate your schedule. 


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Foster Parent Training Class
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