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The Process – Become a WI Foster Parent

How to become a foster parent

Becoming a treatment level foster parent can be lengthy, approximately 3-5 months. Be prepared to answer in-depth questions about your family, personal relationships, health information, your childhood, parenting style, and more. In addition, a licensing specialist will visit with you in your home 3-4 times during the process. It can feel a bit overwhelming but the steps are necessary to determine if you meet the requirements to care for children that have been victims of prolonged abuse and neglect.

I am treated as a professional

Foster mom is treated as a professional

Initial Phone Conversation

The first phone call you make to CCR is an opportunity to learn what treatment level foster care is and what support services we offer. We will discuss your interests and background and determine if you are ready to begin the process towards licensure. This call can last 30-40 minutes and will provide you with many answers to your questions. If you are ready to begin the process, you will be sent an email with links and instructions on how to begin the steps of the pre-application process.

Home Assessment

Upon submission of emailed documents and completion of 6 hours of online training, you are ready for our licensing specialist to visit your home. During the visit, she will go into further detail about treatment level foster care and what that may look like for you and your family. Background Check paperwork and additional application forms will be presented during the first home visit.

Required Training

How to Become a Foster Parent, WIIf a clean background check is returned to us, you are ready to sign up for training sessions. On-site training of 30 hours will take place at our Middleton office. There are two sessions and each is held on a Monday & Tuesday, 8:30-4:00. There are 4 weeks between part one and part two. Hotel accommodations are provided by CCR if you reside more than one hour from our location. Depending on how quickly your application paperwork is completed and processed and when you are able to complete the necessary training, you may be licensed in 4 months. Calendar

Your First Placement

Your first placement may happen within days or weeks; however, it may take time until a match is made depending on your child preferences. We will have discussed this with you at length during the licensing process. It’s ok to prefer children of a certain age or gender, or perhaps, you want to focus on sibling groups or teens. It’s important that you and your family realize your capabilities in caring for foster youth.

  • You will meet the child(ren) prior to accepting a placement.

Foster Parent Questions & Answers

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