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Life is never boring and the rewards far exceed the difficulties.

The Process

Explore the rewarding journey of foster care

If you meet the basic requirements, we welcome you to explore the journey of foster care by giving us a call. Ask as many questions as you like. The first call will allow us to discuss your interest, learn about your home life and determine if you meet the additional requirements needed to pursue an application. It’s an opportunity for you to ask questions about Community Care Resources and learn what makes us different from a county agency and why our foster parents choose us. We understand that fostering may be an unknown, and it can be scary. Your discovery is a personal journey, and we are here to make sure you make the best decision for you and your family.

Licensing Requirements:

Be prepared. The path to becoming a foster parent requires a mountain of paperwork. There are numerous forms, questionnaires and required documents. A few of these are:

I am treated as a professional

I am treated as a professional

  • References
  • Background Checks
  • Personal Health Information
  • Fingerprinting
  • Home assessment and interviews
  • Proof of auto and home insurance
  • County Sherriff release of convictions, restraining orders, domestic violence incidents and any records held with the Department of Human Services.

The Home Visit:

After background checks have been processed, we will arrange the first of three personal home visits with all family members living in the home. The first visit will include individual and family interviews, a tour of your home and a collection of additional application documents.  A second home visit is held to review all submitted documents and allows time for questions and concerns prior to obtaining your license.

Required Training

Image of Parent and ChildTraining will consist of 6 hours online and 30 hours in our Middleton office. On-site training of 30 hours will be spread over 4 days. The trainings are presented by our highly experienced team. It is intense and very informative. Depending on how quickly your application paperwork is completed and processed and how quickly you are able to complete necessary training, you may be licensed in 2-4 months.

Your First Placement

Your first placement may happen within days or weeks; however, it may take time until a match is made. Much of this depends on what your placement preferences are. We will have discussed this with you at length during the licensing process. It’s ok to prefer children of a certain age or gender, or perhaps, you want to focus on sibling groups or teens with severe trauma. It’s important that you and your family realize your capabilities and recognize your limitations in caring for foster youth. We will guide you through your first placement.


Foster Parenting 101

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Throughout Wisconsin
11:00 am West Bend, WI @ West Bend Public Library
West Bend, WI @ West Bend Public Library
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