How to Become a Foster Parent in Chippewa County, Wisconsin

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CCR provides so much support and services for our foster youth and to my family.

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How to Become a Foster Parent in Chippewa County, Wisconsin

Foster care homes are needed in Chippewa County.

We are thrilled you are exploring how to become a foster parent with us. At this time, we desperately need foster parents in Chippewa County to care for older kids and younger sibling groups. We continuously get referrals for older youth, and sadly, we turn away dozens of kids each month because we don't have enough foster homes in the Chippewa area.

Our professional, experienced team is available 24/7 to provide you with all the support services you'll need to care for children. Upon getting a foster care license, a Clinical Case Manager will be assigned to your home. The CCM will provide weekly in-home visits to offer all the support needed to care for children successfully. In addition, Case Managers visit the children either at school or at home every week. Our foster parents appreciate and depend on weekly home visits for support and guidance.

Why do foster parents choose a private foster agency like CCR?

We understand that being a foster parent can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, and there are many reasons families decide to foster children. However, we know that the most critical factor to successful parenting is support. Successful foster parents need help to do this work. Since 1989, CCR has been licensing and supporting foster families in Chippewa county. It takes a team approach and an agency that keeps its promises to hold your hand and have your back.

What foster parents have come to expect from CCR:

  • Trauma-informed care training
  • 24/7 support services
  • Master's level Case Managers
  • Weekly in-home visits
  • Incredibly high employee retention rates
  • Individualized treatment plans for all kids
  • No more than 15 kids per Case Manager
  • Full access to supervisors

Foster children often need more than what a basic foster home can provide.

Kids in treatment foster care need additional support services and a stable and structured home environment. CCR children often suffer prolonged neglect, abuse, or abandonment. As a result, they have heightened emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems. At CCR, we empower foster families to help kids overcome trauma and prepare for the future.

Foster parents succeed with local support services.

Lynn and Scott received their foster care license in 2019. Caring for children ages 12 and under has been a wonderful experience. They have welcomed a sibling set of 2 and a single child to their home to date. Caseworker visits are beneficial and happen every week in their Chippewa County home. Diane is the Clinical Case Manager in Chippewa and has been assigned to support a variety of CCR foster homes over her nine years with the agency.

We would love to speak with you if you can provide a flexible schedule, structure, and stability to children in need. We can talk with you about how to qualify to be a foster parent. We encourage you to explore our website and find more answers to your foster care questions.

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