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I found the entire licensing process very easy and quick with CCR...the team helped me through the entire process! When it was time to renew, they were right on top of things as well! Never once felt I was left on my own to figure it out.

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Levels of Foster Care Licensing

kids in Wisconsin foster careLevels of Care Explained

Levels of Care Explained

Wisconsin foster care consists of different levels of care. Foster kids have a level and foster homes have a level. This information pertains to the level of licensing.

CCR foster parents are licensed at levels 2, 3, or 4. The higher the number the more experience and training a foster home must have and that correlates to the children we are able to place in a home.

All new CCR foster parents are licensed at a level 2, basic foster care, just like with a county.

Growing as a foster parent comes from experience and training. The more trauma a child has, their path to healing and growing can be more challenging thus may put them at a higher level of care. We have a variety of foster families across the state of Wisconsin. Many foster parents remain licensed at level 2, others have moved to level 3 and only a few are licensed at level 4. The choice to move up a level is completely up to our foster parents!

CCR provides professional training so foster parents are prepared.

All foster parents regardless of level are trained in Trauma-Informed Care. Initial and continuous training is well planned, informative, interesting, interactive, and prepares foster parents to care for kids with trauma. Quarterly trainings are held in multiple towns across the state. Our foster parents both new and seasoned tell us they feel well prepared to care for foster children based on the training and preparation provided.

The information below is meant to give you an idea of the characteristics needed at the different levels of care certification. Read the details of the state of Wisconsin Level of Care Certification

Level TwoImage of Children

  • Responsible, mature, exercising sound judgment with the capacity to nurture in a loving environment.
  • Appropriate understanding of child growth and development and of child abuse and neglect.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the needs of youth who have been abused or neglected and of parents who abuse and neglect their children.
  • Ability to follow through with difficult decisions and create a calming atmosphere within the home.
  • Effective communication and demonstration of appropriate family roles, marital or otherwise.
  • Cooperate and assist with efforts to maintain relationships between foster youth and their families.
  • A history of adequately managing stress related to economic resources, employment, health, family relations or other factors.
  • Strong ability to communicate feelings, ideas, and needs.

Levels 3 & 4 Additional Characteristics

care certification

  • Recognition of escalating symptoms or side effects of the child’s condition and appropriate responses needed.
  • Knowledge of medication services and treatments as well as knowledge of the care requirements and techniques required for the child to be placed successfully.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to effectively handle the dependency needs of the child.
  • Available to children during unplanned circumstances such as: school expulsions, sickness, injuries.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to provide care for youth with serious treatment needs.
  • Natural ability to appropriately bond with youth.

To learn more about how kids are placed at levels, read about kids in Wisconsin foster care.

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