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Diane, Dane County

My caseworker comes to my house every week! I couldn't do this without her support.

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Foster Parent Testimonials

Why Foster Parents Stay with CCR

Why Foster Parents Stay with CCR

We have received so much!

We looked into several agencies before deciding on CCR. We chose them because of the promised support services and training. They have held true to their promise and then some. We have felt completely supported by our case manager and other staff members through every placement we have had. It’s been a great experience working with CCR. Some placements have been difficult for us, but we hung in there with CCR support and feel we served the kids well. All in all, it’s been incredibly rewarding and we have received so much more than we feel we have given.

Kay & John, Dane County

It takes Heart, Commitment and Understanding

After raising our own children we decided to foster. We were living outside of Wisconsin at that time and took in 3 little brothers. We raised those boys with much love and patience, and they continue to be a part of our lives now that they are older and out on their own. Upon moving to Wisconsin, we had the itch to explore agencies again. We chose Community Care Resources and could not be happier with the support and services we get. We adopted a little girl that was placed with us and she is now part of our forever family. There are kids just waiting for a safe place to be with people who care. It takes a lot of heart, commitment and understanding. CCR will be there to teach and support you 24/7. These are great people and we thank them and recommend them to anyone interested in fostering.

The Nelson Family, Brown County

Saying No to Retirement

Saying No to Retirement

Being foster parents with CCR has enriched our lives.

While our biological children were still at home, we were licensed with our county foster agency for about 4 years. When our kids went off to college we decided we needed more from an agency than what we were getting. As new empty nesters we felt called to continue to foster. We discovered CCR and inquired about how to become foster parents with them. We learned quickly that the staff is welcoming and supportive. With a mix of unconditional support, trauma-informed care training and some trial-and-error, we have helped 23 kids heal and grow into successful, happy adults. The experiences have changed both of us and enriched our lives beyond measure.

Claudia & Karl, Rock County

All foster parents are welcomed and appreciated.

We have had great experiences with CCR. We chose the agency because they made us feel very welcome. The parents are a diverse group and we appreciate that. We have had 10 kiddos to date and have enjoyed every minute of parenting each of them. We especially value the weekly visits with our casemanager. Her knowledge is so valuable. She has been with us since day one and we could not do this work without her.

Susan and Karla, Winnebago County

We adopted 5 of our foster children.

Over the last 12 years, we have been blessed to have touched the lives of 17 different children and the greater miracle is that five of them are now adopted as our own. Our time as foster parents was filled with all the emotion one could ever experience and we attribute our success in part to a wonderful agency. CCR’s vision of what treatment foster care should be was amazing.

Pat & Linda, Fond Du Lac County

My entire family has grown from this amazing foster care experience!

The staff at CCR is on top of their game that is for sure!  They have always been honest and up-front with any questions we have. We have shared our home with many teenage girls and I can say that I have never had any regrets. Many are grown now and they often call to say they miss me or to tell me about their new job or ask if I can babysit their children. Our lives have changed in many, many ways!  Every one of our kids has made us who we are today and for that I thank them!  My entire family has grown and learned from this amazing experience!  We have a huge support system of our Clinical Case Manager and the rest of CCR’s staff!

Tracy, Dodge County

Foster parents need a strong support system.

My husband and I have been foster parents for several years and have had the opportunity to work with youth ages 12-18, which is something we have always enjoyed doing. However, it can be a challenging job and a strong support system is imperative if you are to succeed. Over the years, we have had the opportunity to engage with several different agencies to accomplish our job. After my husband and I decided to take about a 5-year break, we decided to foster again.  We heard that at Community Care Resources they really know your name and care about you. They offer 24-hour support, one on one training, and in home help every week. All of our kids have gotten the support and therapy needed too. The list of great things goes on and on. We feel like part of a large family all supporting one another to help kids heal and grow so they can have a future.

Rita, Marquette County


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