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What a difference this little girl has made in our lives. We feel truly blessed to have her in our family.

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Foster Mom of 5 Siblings Loves Being a Foster Parent

I have always wanted to be a foster parent for sibling groups.

My name is Heather; I am a stay-at-home Wisconsin foster parent and cannot express enough how amazing CCR has been for my family and me. When I first looked into how to become a foster parent, I reached out to a local private agency and my county foster care agency. It took many phone calls and several weeks to get return calls or an information packet in the mail. I was frustrated already and had barely begun. I found CCR online while doing more research and made the call. They answered immediately and talked with me for nearly an hour! My husband and I were licensed a couple of months later. That is quick!

We received placement of a large sibling group 11 days after licensing. Very quick! We instantly went from a family of 4 (soon to be 5) to a family of 9 (soon to be 10). Yes, I was pregnant, had two kids of my own, and said yes to fostering a large sibling group. Our dream! We are thrilled and blessed to foster these five precious kids. Here is a quick story of how we got to be a family of 10.

Heather Doherty

All foster parents deserve 24/7 support and transparent communication.

We chose CCR for MANY reasons. Just the first phone call alone, I could tell how much they genuinely care about the children that have to go through this challenging process. They have a fantastic training course with so many members to help you and answer any questions along the way. Unlike most agencies, with CCR, you will ALWAYS be able to get ahold of someone to talk to about anything that comes up at any time of day or night.
My husband and I wanted to foster sibling groups to help them stay together. These children often find themselves at CCR because it is hard to find homes to take all the children together. I admit I thought it was a little invasive, knowing we would have a case manager in our house every week. But oh my goodness, it’s AMAZING. I love my case manager Wanda! At least for the first month, that poor lady was getting phone calls from me daily! Sometimes a few a day! She answered and talked me through all my questions and concerns or even vented about what’s happening with my bio children!

There are so many siblings in foster care.

We wish we could live in a world where foster parents weren’t needed, and kids were safe at home. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, and more and more kids are being removed daily. Neglect, all forms of abuse, death in the family, or even the parents just needing a little help to get back on their feet. I look at my foster children every day, and my heart hurts knowing that there are kids out there falling through the cracks or hiding their pain from what’s happening at home, so nobody knows.
Even the thought that maybe without my husband and I, they would be separated and in different homes away from each other makes my heart hurt. All five kids have been a blessing to our family.
I’m so blessed to be a part of the CCR family and am so thankful for the kiddos in my home. Watching them and guiding them to overcome their trauma and hardships can be challenging at times but amazingly worth it.
Please consider fostering. Don’t think you have the room? Call and ask. Don’t think you have the time? Call and ask. Don’t think you have the financial means? Call and ask. If you have the heart to do it and the patience, I promise you it’s worth it.
Some so many kids need a home. One loving home could change their life completely.
If you have any questions, please reach out to CCR or even ask to talk with me. I am willing to help in any way I can.
Heather, proud CCR foster mom of 8.

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