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Chronic Trauma – Impacts and Interventions

Most of us know that trauma is bad for the brain and body, but how, exactly, does trauma interfere with student learning and behavior? This workshop translates current trauma research into useable information for educators in the classroom. You will learn how to differentiate between stress and trauma and also how trauma affects working memory, perception, learning and social relationships. Using the ‘trauma lens’, we will consider several examples of undesirable student behavior to understand how it may have been shaped by traumatic experiences. Once you understand the impacts of trauma on student learning and behavior, you will have a better idea how to improve it.

Traumatized youth often show negative or explosive reactions to frustration that are difficult to anticipate and manage in the classroom. If you’ve found yourself saying, “I didn’t see that coming” or “he just blew up… who knows why.” This workshop will help. Through lecture, video and small group discussion we teach strategies that focus on how to prevent, re-focus and de-escalate behaviors and emotions that are interfering with learning. Educators will leave ready to use these tools in your classroom.

For more information on this, or other, TIES programs, please contact our TIES Coordinator, Paulette Wijas, via email.