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Step 2 - Apply to Become a Treatment Foster Parent in Wisconsin

The second step on your journey to fostering.

Apply to become a treatment foster parent in Madison, Milwaukee, Appleton or elsewhere in Wisconsin.

Once you’ve made the decision to foster and have satisfied the requirements in Wisconsin, the next step is submitting an application to become a treatment foster parent. Don’t fret over the application process—it’s our job to help you with every aspect of becoming a CCR foster parent. The basic application process can be broken down into four steps, outlined below.

  1. Request an application 
    If after the introductory call and your review of the brochure you and your family are ready to proceed, contact our Foster Care Coordinator to request the application materials.
  2. Online training 
    During this step, you will receive a website link to the Wisconsin Child Welfare Foster Parent Pre-Placement Training.  This is a six hour online training requirement for all new foster parents.  
  3. Initial paperwork 
    We will start to process your application including background checks, references, health information and household documents. 
  4. Schedule home visit 
    After your background checks have been processed, our Foster Care Coordinator will contact you to arrange a personal home visit with all family members. This home visit will include individual and family interviews, a tour of your home, and a collection of additional application documents.  Expect a second home visit to conclude the application process. If you live far away, don’t worry. Our foster parents live in every corner of Wisconsin, from cities like Madison, Milwaukee, and Appleton, to small towns and villages.

There are thousands of children in need who would benefit from the support of a foster parent just like you. We’ll help you through the application process and on your way to making a difference in a young person’s life. 

Do you have questions about becoming a treatment foster parent? Contact us today or move on to Step 3 - Foster Parent Training & Licensing.

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