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History of Community Care Resources

Community Care Resources, Inc. was founded in April of 1989 and licensed as a Child Placing Agency by the State of Wisconsin as a private corporation. Community Care Resources, Inc. has authority to license homes and accept placements from all Wisconsin Counties and other referral entities. We have enjoyed steady growth since our inception and now average approximately 115 youth in care. In 1993, Community Care Resources, Inc. added an Outpatient Mental Health Certification to further our goal of being a treatment focused foster care agency that is, based in mental health principles, practices and body of knowledge, and as such promote a therapeutic model. Additionally, Community Care Resources, Inc. provides specialized treatment programs such as our Sexual-Abuse Treatment/Offender Program (S.T.O.P.). The S.T.O.P. program offers psychosexual evaluations and full juvenile sexual offender (individual, group, and family) programming. In 2001, we created our Specialized Group Care model that combines the best of Treatment Foster Care and Treatment Group Care in a three to four-bed community based model.

In addition, Community Care Resources, Inc. implemented an agency-wide trauma informed practice with all youth in care beginning March 2009. Our staff members were intensively trained in one-year learning collaborative with a national expert in trauma focused treatment, Jennifer Wilgocki. Every youth who is placed in a Community Care Resources, Inc. home receives a trauma informed assessment within the first 30 days of their placement. Those youth that qualify for TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) are then referred for this specialized treatment. Community Care Resources, Inc. is an innovative progressive agency that is committed to evidence based treatment programs.

Community Care Resources, Inc. continues to place emphasis on quality assurance and accountability through our internal quality assurance and public relations efforts that are increasing in sophistication.

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