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Foster Parent Success Stories

Meet Karen

Ever since she was a little girl, Karen wanted to lend a hand to children in need. As the years passed, her childhood aspirations of running an orphanage grew into an adult ambition of becoming a foster parent...

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Meet Kayleigh

Children don't usually imagine finding themselves entering foster care, but when Kayleigh found herself in that situation, she used it to her benefit.

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Meet Rita

John Martin and his four brothers spent most of their childhood in foster homes. Thanks to the efforts of some “pretty awesome” foster parents, these were happy years for five little boys. When John and his wife, Rita...

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Meet Claudia

Ever wonder how someone decides to become a foster parent? In the story that follows, the motivation was all about environment. As a preschool teacher, Claudia was surrounded by people with a common mission to help children...

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The Button Family

We raised our four kids and at last we had some peace and quiet and nary an empty milk jug put back in the fridge; just an “empty-nest”!!! Little did we know that soon we would be right back into it!!! Beware !! Having a Social Worker for a friend can harm your health!!We get this phone call asking if we would consider taking a troubled boy...

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Meet John

“After my sophomore year is when things really started happening for me. I felt like I was a part of something, I was starting to get love from my foster parents. My case worker from C.C.R. was there for me 100 percent throughout everything...

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The Trevor Family

My husband and I have been foster parents for 2 years and what an experience it has been.  A very positive, fulfilling experience. Having chosen Community Care Resources, which means being in very good hands, we attended an initial training where they show you everthing you need to know in detail.  And getting to know Sara P. is one of the many...

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Meet Sofie

How Sofie’s Journey Began – It’s amazing how a phone call can change your life. In October of 2008, we received a phone call from Community Care Resources, Inc. wondering if we would be interested in a child with multiple serious medical issues...

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The Schuhmacher Family

Dan and Linda Schuhmacher, two long-time foster parents with C.C.R., capped off their 11 year foster parenting “careers” with the adoptions of two children, their final two foster children. The time, energy, and commitment that Dan and Linda gave to C.C.R. over the course of those years are invaluable to the agency. The following is what Dan...

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Meet Kellie

My name is Kellie and I was placed in a C.C.R. foster home in February, 2008, when I was 13 years old. Before coming to live with my foster family, the Spinks, I had been in foster care for most of my life, including 16 different placements since I was just 4 years old. I was having a lot of problems and my mom was struggling to take care of me...

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Success Stories

Becoming a treatment foster parent changes lives. See real life stories and learn how you can make a difference too.

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