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Trauma Informed Educator Skills (TIES)

Community Care Programs launched its Trauma-Informed Educator Skills (TIES) program after classroom teachers and school mental health staff for our foster youth began asking for the same strategies already working in our foster homes. We responded to this need by adapting the tools that our foster parents and clinical case managers use to make them ‘student-friendly’.

In the past several years, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) rolled out their Trauma Sensitive Schools initiative, selecting 8 Wisconsin school districts for district-wide implementation of trauma-informed education principles. Our efforts to help classroom teachers provide both prevention and just-in-time interventions for brains hijacked by trauma experiences has dove-tailed nicely with DPI’s system-wide efforts.  We provide DPI with full-day trainings around the state which introduce and teach Tier 1, 2, & 3 skills that classroom teachers and school staff can use to prevent and de-escalate negative interactions.

TIES provides educators the latest research on how trauma affects the developing brain, working memory and interpersonal relationships. We offer prevention strategies to keep emotional brains well-regulated and calm. For unexpected escalations, we train educators in the same ‘just-in-time interventions’ that our foster parents successfully apply. These strategies can be used with youth in the classroom or counseling office. The goal of our prevention and intervention strategies is to reduce emotional reactivity and improve attention and learning.

TIES instructors also travel to school sites and work directly with classroom teachers, school counselors and administrative staff. On-site training is often the best way to get an entire school team together. TIES also provides follow-up coaching to school PBIS, RTI or IEP teams.

We offer the following workshops which are uniquely tailored to the end user:

For more information on our TIES Programs, please contact our TIES Coordinator, Paulette Wijas, via email.

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