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Sexual-Abuse Treatment Offender Program (STOP)

The STOP (Sexual abuse Treatment & Offender Program) program through Community Care Programs, Inc. was developed in 1998. The STOP program offered youth and adolescent consumers evidence-based targeted treatment that promotes positive outcomes and focuses on risk factor reduction so that sexual recidivism is prevented. As with all of our specialized programs at CCP, the STOP program treatment providers use a trauma-informed, holistic approach to treatment. The STOP program combines cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, TF-CBT, DBT and various other evidence-based models to meet the individual needs of consumers. This program is not a “one size fits all” program. This weekly program includes individual, group, and family therapy with a strong emphasis on psycho-education for consumers, their family, and other treatment team members.

It is highly recommended that a youth being referred for the STOP program receive a thorough Psychosexual Assessment prior to treatment so that treatment providers have a baseline understanding of the youth’s strengths and needs with regard to risk and treatment planning. CCP offers Psychosexual Assessments as a stand-alone service. The STOP program treatment providers are highly experienced clinicians who stay current with regard to research and practice with youth that have problematic sexual behaviors.

What's involved with STOP? Please see our Program Components.

For more information on STOP, please contact Mary Simon at 608-827-7100 or via email.