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Parenting Assessments

Sometimes our county partners have complex questions about the ‘goodness of fit’ between a parent’s strengths/needs and those of their children. Often times these questions come up in the context of placement decisions or Termination of Parental Rights actions.

Our county partners can rely upon Community Care Resources and Programs for a Parenting Assessment that surveys 9 domains of parental functioning from ensuring physical safety to nurturing and guidance. Dr. Donna A. Rifken, Ph.D. Psychologist, meets with parents, guardians, youth and county workers to understand the questions being asked. Then she engages the youth and adults in clinical interviews and testing specifically targeting parenting skills and attachment. The final report is written so that it offers timely and specific recommendations to our county partners.

When testimony is required, Dr. Rifken is thoroughly prepared to present her information and conclusions to the court. Community Care Resources and Programs sees itself as a county partner advocating for our most precious resource, our youth.

For more information on our Parenting Assessments, please contact Dr. Donna Rifken at 608-827-7100 or via email.