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Adolescent Sexuality

Over the past several decades and with the introduction of the world wide web, there have been significant changes in adolescent expression of sexuality.  The days of teens exploring their sexuality “in the back seat of a Chevy” are long gone. Internet Pornography is a click away.  Parents and teens are shocked to learn that kids can be charged with a sexual offense when they email or text nude photos or graphic sexual videos of themselves to peers. High School boys who collect “nudes” (nude photos of female peers) and post them on Instagram are being charged with “distribution of pornography”.  Teens with premature brains do not realize that when they share nude photos of themselves these photos might end up on Facebook for public consumption.

In response to an outcry for more education about the legal and emotional implications for our adolescent digital natives when they choose to engage in inappropriate online behavior, Community Care Programs has developed two educational workshops.

One workshop explores the current trends regarding online sexual behaviors and the common apps that our kids are using. The other workshop informs the audience about the difference between normative sexual behavior and problematic sexual behavior.  

Our offered workshops:

For more information on our Adolescent Sexuality classes, please contact Mary Simon at 608-827-7100 or via email.