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About CCP

Community Care Programs (CCP) is an outpatient mental and behavioral health clinic licensed by the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Community Care Programs is located in Middleton, WI. CCP also currently offers on-site treatment programs in Janesville and Jefferson.

Community Care Programs specializes in providing unique, “targeted treatment” programs for emotional and behavioral health outcomes to children, adolescents and families. These programs have a beginning, middle and an end with clearly outlined objectives. Our programs are designed to target core issues so that valuable therapy time is spent on healing from the problems that brought the youth to our clinic. Our mission is to provide high quality treatment services that reduce recidivism rates and prevent out-of-home placement. If out-of-home placement becomes necessary, the treatment programs at CCP are designed to support care providers and assist treatment team members with a youth’s smooth transition back to the biological home, kinship placement, adoptive placement or independent living situation.

Most of the treatment programs offered at CCP utilize a cognitive behavioral approach. All of our treatment programs are trauma-informed and evidence based. In addition, since relapse is a part of recovery, youth are not discharged from treatment programs based on “lack of progress”. Many creative and alternative therapeutic strategies (music, art, mindfulness, movement, animal assisted, etc.) are utilized to meet the individualized needs of the complex youth we serve.

Community Care Programs staff are committed to applying current research and Evidence Based Practices (EBP) to difficult emotional and behavioral problems including youth sexual offending and explosive emotional behaviors.  For example, CCP has incorporated advances in neurodevelopment research into all of the therapy services clients receive so that youth and parents can practice stress management, brain calming and cognitive coping strategies in the clinic and in their homes.

When a youth is enrolled in a CCP program, our experienced and specialized therapists provide a weekly therapy progress note to the designated treatment team members. Therapists also participate in treatment team meetings on a monthly basis or at a frequency determined by the youth’s treatment team.

Community Care Programs is a stand-alone outpatient behavioral health clinic that partners with its sister agency, Community Care Resources as needed. Community Care Resources, Inc., is a treatment foster care agency that offers placement for high needs youth throughout the state of Wisconsin. CCR and CCP can be utilized separately or in conjunction to meet the needs of youth with trauma histories, sexual abuse survivor and sexual acting out behaviors, substance abuse problems, pornography addiction, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and a wide variety of other child and adolescent behavioral and mental health issues.

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