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Advancing Adolescent Mental Health

Community Care Resources, Inc. (CCR), has put a lot of effort into building our web presence over the years. We rolled out a new website for CCR for current and potential foster parents in 2015. We also increased our posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. And don't forget Pinterest, too!

We're proud of the CCR website and we have received positive feedback with one exception: our county partners who had outpatient referrals didn't know where to go and they didn't have enough information on our programs. It was time to move forward with plans and create the website for our sister company: Community Care Programs (CCP).

The CCP website went live at the start of October 2016 and it is tailored for social workers, juvenile justice employees, as we as our state's educators. We have put a lot of information about our available programs, assessments, and our on-site trainings. We've made sure to include short biographies of our CCP staff so you know who we are.

This project has been waiting to come together for a few years, and we're glad it is seeing the light in 2016. How long has this project been waiting in the background? Our Winter 2012 Educational Journal cover story was written by CCR's Director/Owner, Daniel Simon, who shared his vision with our readers then:

Community Care Programs…Outpatient Clinic

A number of years ago C.C.R. created a non-profit entity corporation titled Community Care Programs, Inc. This came as a result of a mandate from the federal government to create a non-profit financial pass through entity to receive and to disperse foster care payments internally. In a rare departure from reality the federal government realized the error of the mandate and retracted same a number of years ago…and Community Care Programs, Inc. was moth balled (a quaint expression for putting something aside in storage).

In 2013, we will be bringing Community Care Programs, Inc. (CCP) out of retirement and reactivating same as the corporate home for our Chapter 35 outpatient clinic certification and function. We have created the entity named Community Care Programs – Outpatient Clinic (CCP-OPC) to house all of our clinical treatment functions, including psychological evaluations/assessments, STOP sexual offender assessments and programming, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy…as a beginning of what we plan to be an encompassing and broad array of evidence based therapies and practices. Our goal is to be able to provide high quality diagnosis specific therapies and interventions to our youth in treatment foster care on a timely and consistent quality basis, as deemed appropriate based on the needs of the youth in care.

The rationale for distinct corporate entities and functions is quite simple and straightforward…C.C.R. wants to ensure that there is a sharp divide and distinction between administrative rate regulation as it pertains to Level 3 and Level 4 foster care under our CPA license…and the distinct outpatient clinical services that are provided to youth in foster care…without the commingling of treatment application intent and service billing, which will be distinct and separate from treatment foster care billing. C.C.R. wants to ensure a distinct, transparent and logical service delivery system as a separate entity that complements and supports the tenets and intent of treatment foster care.

C.C.R.’s long term vision is to create a clinic capacity with sufficient diversity of treatment techniques, therapies and interventions, assessments, programs, and diagnostic evaluative tools to effectively serve our youth in treatment foster care as stand-alone services applied to youth as need of care dictates. Customers will have the ability to fine tune services based on the specific needs of the youth with diagnosis specific treatments. Providing clinical services internally allows youth in C.C.R. foster care to have services delivered quickly (no long referral waiting lists to community providers), consistently with respect to service quality, and appropriately with regard to applying the right therapy for the problem. Our overriding goal is to ensure timely and adequate treatment to promote stability in care and reduce disrupted placements (currently less than 2%), safety, and treatment efficiency to ensure that a youth can progress through and achieve their permanency plan. We have a considerable ways to go to make this a universal reality…but we have made significant progress…and the proverbial train has left the station.

In a foster care service environment that appears to be the same…Community Care Resources provides a difference…that makes a difference.

Thanks for listening and sharing the vision.

Daniel J. Simon, Director/Owner

Tell us what you think! If you have questions about our available outpatient services, referring a youth, or how to set-up an on-site training at your school, please call us today at 608-827-7100, or send an email directly from any information page on the CCP website.