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Diane, Dunn County

The team is very supportive. Trainings are helpful to learn how to handle different situations with the kids.

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I was afraid to foster and get my heart broken

Most of us want to help, volunteer or make a difference. Many of us have a desire to help children, the homeless or the less fortunate. Some of us have a strong need to give back. Few of us will ever explore becoming a foster parent! Why don’t we want to explore foster parenting? Fear of the unknown! Lucky for us, and foster children, there are two sides to the unknown.

Being a foster parent sounds scary, unsafe, exhausting and only for those strong enough to say goodbye.

Being a foster parent can also sound like happiness, fulfillment, peace and rewards.

Isn’t that what so many of us are searching for? We read self help books, we pray, meditate and read daily devotionals. We constantly seek peace, a sense of belonging, a feeling of accomplishment or a bit more self worth. What is it that keeps us away from some of the most wonderful things in life? The fear of failure, heartache or disappointment?

Think of all the things in your life… Spouse, family, career, children, service, business, faith, home…Have there been times of challenge, discouragement and heartache? Of course. Do we keep plowing forward because the rewards are greater than all of that? Yes! As we persevere through the daily grind of this thing called life, we often see rewards show up from all corners, in unlikely places, falling on unsuspecting people. Rewards are most often found through giving. When we give, the rewards are shared over and over and over.


Fear of the unknown has kept many of us from taking a leap and realizing some amazing rewards. The unknown is often what keeps us from helping, being the change and making a difference. It’s normal. Many of us have passed on opportunities because we were afraid. Don’t let fear keep keep you from exploring the journey of being a foster parent.

It is not a lifetime commitment but it can offer a lifetime of rewards. 


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all-day Foster Parent Training @ Community Care Resources
Foster Parent Training @ Community Care Resources
Jan 28 – Jan 29 all-day
Do you meet the basic qualifications to become a treatment foster parent with CCR? Call us today for a great conversation to answer your questions and discuss qualifications and the process required to become a[...]

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