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Behind the Essential Workers in Wisconsin Foster Care

To be a foster parent in Wisconsin or a social worker within a foster agency, successful placements and outcomes will only happen with promised support services and strong leadership. Sadly, we hear all too often from frustrated foster parents that these critical components are missing from the agency they selected. We hear repeatedly that communication is lacking and resources of support for parents and kids are nearly non-existent. For this reason, we love to talk about the support we provide and the two amazing people who have led our team and our foster parents down the paths of success for over 30 years. 

Meet the couple leading front line workers and foster parents to success.

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. It can also take a village to get a job done efficiently and effectively. At CCR both of these are accomplished by our family-like team led by Dan and Mary, husband and wife and business partners, that paved the way for trauma-informed care in Wisconsin foster care. By providing the treatment programs necessary for healing, Dan and Mary have spent 31 years building something special that staff,  parents, and county partners agree are like no other foster agency in Wisconsin.
In 1989 Dan recognized a desperate need to change how kids in foster care were served. He believed that kids, particularly those with trauma, required more than a safe home providing 3 meals a day. Dan set out to provide a new type of foster care, a model that would ultimately change the lives of thousands of children.
By providing foster parents with the necessary tools to care for kids with trauma, success stories began unfolding. Kids were healing and had hope for brighter futures. Foster parents were uncovering the potential buried in children by utilizing new ideas and tools in trauma-informed care.

Utilizing trauma-informed care principals meant foster parents and staff could work together to provide a healing environment for kids in care.

Getting to the core of learned and unhealthy behaviors, often used as a source of protection, Dan and the first group of foster parents saw quick results. Offering kids services in a loving, family environment would prove to be much more successful than results a group home setting could offer. By keeping kids in a safe, loving home environment healing would happen at unexpected rates. Fast forward to 2020 and our staff is utilizing dozens of trauma-informed practices developed, tried, and perfected over the years. It has been a remarkable journey.
Together, with a dedicated staff, Dan and Mary have changed the face of trauma-informed care and the treatment available to kids in the Wisconsin foster care system. They have proven that with well-developed practices and dedicated staff, healing and successful outcomes CAN happen. Toddlers, elementary-age kids, and teenagers have all benefited from the trauma-informed care models provided at CCR over the years.

Roadblocks and political influences disrupting so many Wisconsin foster agencies are not found at CCR.

Founded on the belief that kids don't "get better" with basic parenting, CCR has helped hundreds of foster parents care for thousands of kids since 1989. Without the exemplary leadership of Dan and Mary and their commitment to trauma-informed care, none of it would be possible.

With employee longevity averaging 15 years, the CCR staff are loyal to the kids, parents, and each other. Burnout, frustration, and turnover can't be found here! Each of us is appreciated for our efforts, valued for our strengths, and trusted to do the best work possible. Whether in the home office during the week, or out in the field servicing and supporting foster parents and kids, our team is a family unit. No employee or role is more important or valued over another. Dan makes sure of that.

I am often asked why I have worked with Community Care Resources for so long. As much as I would like to have a lengthy and profound explanation, it is really quite simple. I stay because of the people. For nearly 25 years, I have had the privilege to work with and for some of the best people in the industry. I thoroughly enjoy the children and families we serve, the foster parents we license and train, the other social workers and therapists, as well the office and administrative staff.

The employees here create an environment of support, understanding, and compassion. The work is challenging, the work ethic is high and the support to manage stressful situations is incredible. Community Care Resources is dedicated to providing the best care possible to children and families and the people playing each role in that journey are of equal value and importance. I hope to continue on with CCR for many years to come.   Jayne Foster, LCSW

CCR has active foster families in 36 Wisconsin counties, some have been with us for decades, since the early 90's, and on average, families foster with us for nearly 7 years. Many have adopted their foster children over the years, many have built lifelong relationships with their kids, and the majority have referred new foster parents our way.
Rita Martin and her husband John live in Marquette county Wisconsin and specialize in caring for teen boys. The Martin's were one of the first foster parents to license with CCR and they are still going strong today. I am treated as a professional
If you are exploring foster care agencies or are licensed with another agency and feeling restless and unsupported, we would love to talk with you. Allow us to explain further what our team will provide you under the direction of Dan and Mary and why our model is so successful in helping kids heal from trauma.

The foster care support bar has been set high!

Our experienced, dedicated team is designed to support our foster parents 24/7. We will not let you foster alone. Our promise of support is unlike any agency in Wisconsin. Dan and Mary have set the support bar so high that no other agency can come close to the services we provide our foster parents and children.


Choose a foster agency based on what happens after a child or sibling group is placed in your home.

Who will support you and have your back? Will agency promises be kept? Will you get to know the staff like family or will there be a revolving door of employees?
Ask the right questions and get the foster care answers you need before you decide! Be sure the support piece promised will be there from leadership and supervisors as well as your case manager.
We can't wait to speak with you. 

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