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Becoming a Foster Parent in Wisconsin

You made the decision to foster but you don't know how to begin to be a foster parent in Wisconsin so, you make a phone call to an agency, questions in hand. First impressions are often a great way to gauge people and businesses. If your initial communication with a foster agency causes frustration and anxiety, BEWARE! That first phone call will be a strong indicator of what your entire foster care experience will look like. Here is what you might encounter when you call a foster agency and what you can expect from a private agency like CCR.

The first step to becoming a foster parent.

You're interested in getting information so you make a call to your county or a private agency. Here are some common ways your call may be handled.

  1. An automated system answers the call giving you prompts to select from.
  2. Your call is met with a voice recording asking you to leave a message.
  3. There is nobody in the office able to help you at this time.
  4. You are simply asked for your name and address and an application packet will be sent to your home.
  5. You are given a date and time of an upcoming foster parent information event. frustrated lady

Frustrated already and you haven't even had a conversation with anyone yet.

Foster parent information meetings.

Informational meetings are common with county agencies, typically providing a basic overview of foster care. However, learning the basics, in a group setting doesn't always offer the opportunity for important questions and a deeper exploration of how to qualify to become a foster parent. Most prospective foster parents have specific questions and personal situations they want to discuss. Unfortunately, the majority of people in attendance at open meetings are not comfortable asking questions, thus leave the meeting with only a general information packet and information that could have easily been found online. how to qualify to become a foster parent?

Get your foster care questions are answered immediately.

You're interested in getting information about becoming a foster parent so you call CCR. Great decision! Here is how your call will be handled.

  1. Lea warmly answers your call.
  2. Diana will answer your call with a smile if Lea is unavailable.
  3. Sharon will answer your call with joy if Lea and Diana are unavailable.
Lea warmly answers your call

Lea will answer your call.

Yes, it is that simple!

Lea will promptly transfer your call to Jane, our new foster parent advisor. Jane has the personal and professional experience needed to walk you through the details of foster care. An honest conversation that encourages dialog, allows you to ask questions and gain the information you need will last as long as need be. The conversation will go in many directions depending on your questions and personal situation but you can expect details on the 5 main areas of fostering with CCR.

  • About CCR and how we are different than a county agency.
  • Qualifications and requirements to become a foster parent with CCR.
  • The ages and characteristics of kids we place and how we match kids with our foster families.
  • Support services to expect when a child(ren) is placed in your home.
  • What to expect during the licensing process

During your first call, you will be asked questions that will allow us to understand your interests, the demographics of your household, your flexibility and ability to meet the schedules of foster kids, and if you have friends and/or family that will support you on your journey.

How is a private foster care agency different than my county?

This is one of the most important topics we discuss. Wisconsin residents have a choice between a county foster agency or a private agency like Community Care Resources. We promise to explain the differences in easy to understand examples. We are a statewide agency serving all counties, but the biggest differences will be found in the amount of support foster parents receive AFTER a child is placed in the home. Woman phone

Qualifying to be a foster parent with CCR.

  • 25 years or older (CCR will consider 21+ if a spouse is 25 or over)
  • Financial stability (there is not an income requirement)
  • A flexible schedule (with availability for appointments and unplanned interruptions).
  • Stable, healthy relationships, and people you can count on

These are just a few of the qualifiers. Most importantly is the flexibility piece. If you are working full-time and do not have the ability to leave for appointments or be home for your children before and after school, fostering with CCR will be difficult. Jane will give you more details.

What are kids in foster care like?

There are different levels of foster care in Wisconsin. This will be explained in detail during the phone call so you have a solid understanding of the types of kids available to foster. All CCR foster parents begin their journey at a level 2, basic foster care.

Can I choose the foster kids placed in my home?

Yes. Jane will ask you about your interests and the types and ages of kids here at CCR. Most foster parents have an age preference of the kids they wish to help. As long as there is a wide enough range in the preferred ages of the kids you want to help, it is okay to have a preference. The decision to accept or decline a placement is always yours!

How will CCR support my family after a child is placed in our home?

This will be discussed in detail as it is a large factor in what sets us apart from other foster agencies. Most importantly, weekly in-home visits will be provided to support you and your foster children.

How long does it take to get a foster care license?

There are many steps to getting a foster license. Jane will review the steps with you. Typically, it takes 3-4 months to get a license with CCR. We promise to hold your hand through all the necessary steps and you will always know what to expect next. Foster homes are needed during Covid.  All classes are held with safety protocol in place, following all county and state orders and guidelines.

We promise to never:
  • Talk you into fostering
  • Make you feel uncomfortable
  • Pressure you to foster a specific age group
We DO promise to:

Provide the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family!

Call us today and get the details you are looking for. 800-799-0450

We can't wait to take your call!

These foster care myths may be a good reading resource as you consider making the call.






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