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Become a Foster Parent Team Member

Every county in Wisconsin is struggling to keep up with the number of kids that require safe, loving, trained foster parents. At CCR our foster parents are trauma-informed care trained and valued members of our team to help Wisconsin kids heal from trauma. The hard work and team player attitudes of our foster parents are helping kids heal in over 35 Wisconsin counties. Our approach is unique and we depend on our dedicated foster parents to lead the healing process.

Foster parents are needed to help kids in every Wisconsin county.

The needs of kids in Wisconsin foster care become more complex year over year. Wisconsin foster care statistics are grim, showing over 7,500 kids in foster care and a continued shortage of foster parents to help. The cases we receive from counties across Wisconsin are more complex and alarming than ever before. Many county agencies are not able to meet the needs of children in their care due to staffing, funding, or a simple lack of foster homes.

Childhood neglect and abuse create trauma, if left untreated a plethora of struggles may develop leaving children at huge risk of homelessness after foster care, incarceration, sex trafficking, and drug abuse. That's where our foster parent team members come in to help.

Experiencing severe neglect, sexual and/or physical abuse situations (trauma) affects the way a child develops, learns, and interacts with others. This can have profound implications on the future of the abused. Children can suffer longer-term challenges with behavior, emotions, and how they interact with others and the world around them. With the right team in place, foster parents can be very successful in helping kids heal.

Foster parents cannot do this work alone! It requires a team approach.

We say it all the time at CCR: Basic parenting skills are not enough for these kids. That certainly doesn't mean that experienced parents can't be successful foster parents. Nor does it mean that foster parents must be miracle workers. It simply means that kids need more than the phrase 3 hots and a cot. Meaning, foster kids need so much more than 3 meals a day and a safe bed to sleep in. They need treatment to address their trauma. They need a team dedicated to their healing. Foster parents, case managers, therapists, social workers... all working together on specific goals to help the healing process.

Our foster parents provide outstanding, unmatched care.

For 30 years our top priority has been to help children heal from their trauma. In fact, it is the foundation of the agency. Many kids need more than what basic foster care can provide. When kids are referred to CCR, they get the individualized care and treatment they need to be successful. Meeting the needs of these kids can sometimes be an up hill climb but the rewards for foster parents and staff are immeasurable.

Being a foster parent with an agency focused on trauma and support services creates a more successful experience than traditional fostering practices.

Maybe it is time to explore not just how to become a foster parent but how to become part of a bigger team to address and treat trauma. Wisconsin residents exploring foster care have a choice when selecting an agency. Make sure that your choice is based on knowledge and facts, not on convenience or emotion.

Ask these important questions of the foster agency you are considering:

  • What is the maximum number of kids allowed on a caseworker's caseload?
  • How often does a caseworker visit the home?
  • How often is a caseworker required to visit the children?
  • Is the agency available to foster parents 24/7?
  • What is the average length of employment of a caseworker or office employee?
  • What is the management/supervisor turnover rate?

Too many foster parents are frustrated and feel unsupported by their agency.

We hear all too often from frustrated foster parents. For the most part, they all say the same things. They are receiving no support, rarely see a caseworker, and the kids need more help than they can provide. We receive on average, 8-10 calls per month from Wisconsin foster parents looking to change agencies. This was recently posted by a county foster parent on Facebook.

Expect your case worker to be way over scheduled and unable to help you as much as they promise in the beginning. Don’t be surprised when no one answers the phone, calls you back, or that they make last minute scheduling changes all the time. The kids need help and they don't get it. It's all on you!

So sad and so common. Eventually, many foster parents will give up. They may request that kids be removed from their home, they might transfer to a different agency, or quit fostering all together.

We have proven for 30 years how to keep foster parents happy and successful.

Support - Support - Support

Community Care Resources keeps promises. We support our foster parents and children with WEEKLY in-home visits. We have a 24/7 hotline available to all our foster parents. There is not a time of day you are alone in your foster care journey.

Our case managers average length of employment is 15 years and there are never more than 15 kids allowed on a caseload.

Our foster parents are TEAM MEMBERS.

Community Care Resources is unlike any agency in Wisconsin. Put us to the test, call us or send an email and see how quickly we respond. Challenge us with the questions listed above and learn how we are different than a county agency and other private agencies in Wisconsin.

We started 30 years ago with ONE goal... help children heal from trauma.

We cannot do that without foster parents on our team!





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