Foster Parent Testimonials

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The Button Family

"We raised our four kids and at last we had some peace and quiet and nary an empty milk jug put back in the fridge; just an "empty-nest"!!! Little did we know that soon we would be right back into it!!! Beware !! Having a Social Worker for a friend can harm your health!!We get this phone call asking if we would consider taking a troubled boy under our care.What? Us?..."

The Trevor Family

"My husband and I have been foster parents for 2 years and what an experience it has been. A very positive, fulfilling experience. Having chosen Community Care Resources, which means being in very good hands, we attended an initial training where they show you everthing you need to know..."

The Verbeten Family

"I have been fostering for many years now. At the beginning we asked many questions and checked into many agencies. My husband had gone through the fostercare system as a child and has many horrible memories. We decided that we wanted to help children make the best memories possible..."

The Martin Family

"My husband and I have been foster parents for several years and have had the opportunity to work with youth, which is something we have always enjoyed doing. However, it can be an extremely challenging job and a strong support system is imperative if you are to succeed. Over the years..."

The Farmakis Family

"My husband and I made a decision early on in our marriage that we were not going to have any biological children. It was a personal choice based on family history. We thought about adoption but we quickly found out that was very expensive. The other part of that is we didn’t want a baby. Ironically, we saw an ad in the paper one day..."

The Schuhmacher Family

“What comes to mind when you hear “Precious Moments”? Well, for Dan and me it brings to mind a few things. I, for one, in the past have collected the Precious Moments figurines. Secondly, I think of all the times I have spent with loved ones & what “precious moments” those are. But, the third thing that comes to mind is one of the most remembered and it is a significant part of foster parenting..."

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